Many things have distracted me from sitting down with You this morning, Father, but I know that it is so very important that I do so. This investment of time yields great benefits!

2 Timothy 2:20-21 (<<click here)

We are all utensils, Lord, created by You. Every one of us has been created for noble and honorable things but many choose to go through their entire lives being used only for the mundane. When we give ourselves over to You we make ourselves available to be used for things beyond what we are even able to imagine. But there are followers of You, Lord, who never get beyond the mundane. They are Your children but allow the “world” to have too much sway in their lives – they cannot let go of what the world offers. But in doing so, they remain bound to the world. Only in letting go can they be truly set free.

Lord, help me to “keep myself pure” make me holy; set me aside for “honorable use.” Clinging to the things of this world hinders what You can do in and through me. Once more, Lord, I give myself over to You. Use me for whatever task You deem worthy – fill me up, pour me out. I am Yours to use to accomplish Your purposes. I give myself over to You, holding nothing back.

Nov 11th, Wed, 8:30 am

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