Be Prepared

I continue to be in awe, Father, that You love me the way You do…so many things flood my mind just writing that statement. No one else gave their one and only Son so that I, and all of humanity, could once again have an intimate relationship with You. That act in and of itself is mind numbing! But to realize that we don’t even come close to being worthy, much less deserving Your act of love. And that is universally huge! But then to think that You care enough to gently wake me this morning. You love me so much that You do so every morning, regardless of when I need to be up, You are there for me. Father, thank You for Your love. Help me to lift Your name up so that others may see You for who You really are. Help me to live the life You have so freely given me in all its abundance!

2 Timothy 3:1 (<<click here)

Lord, Your imminent return was a driving force for Paul and all he did. Even almost 2,000 years ago in the midst of the beginnings of the church sin was having its way. So much so that Paul felt it of utmost importance to warn Timothy.

End times mentality is rampant in the church today. The internet is full of those proclaiming “Repent! The end of the world is near!” And it truly is. Lord, help me to not be overwhelmed by its closeness or to be overly distraught over the deluge of sin and the great diversity of wickedness in the world. I would ask that I would be discerning of the situations in which I find myself and that the right amount of urgency is in place to say and do what is best in Your eyes Fill me with Your wisdom. Help me to be focused and diligent as You would be. Amen.

Nov 18th, Wed, 6:30 am