Your Name Is Mighty in Power

Father, “no one is like You…You are great, and Your name is mighty in power.” Jeremiah 10:6 Your creation will worship many things and we worship others, too – musicians, actors, athletes, leaders but no one is like You.” We fail / we let people down / we are not perfect / we are sinful.

You never fail.
You are always there for us.
You are perfect in every way.
You have always been and will always be holy.
“You are great.”

You alone are worthy of our praise… and honor… and worship – for “no one is like You!”

“Your name is mighty in power.” You are a mighty God – the Creator of all that is! There is no question there. But to say Your name is mighty in power takes it to a whole other level! We often pray “in Jesus’ name,“ but do we take to heart what that means?

At creation You spoke things into existence. Everything that is (in all its vast diversity) came to be just because You said so! So much power in words. You are a God of action and power. When we call upon You, You hear us so even “Your name is mighty in power”!

Fill me today with Your power to accomplish what needs to be done and to stand against what would hinder me. Father, use me this day to do Your will!

Dec 10th, Thurs, 8:31 am