We Need Each Other

Father, Your love for me is more than my finite mind grasp! Thinking of the love between a parent and a child, which in many cases is one of the strongest loves on earth, hardly compares. Of course familial love is a reflection of Your love for us but Your love is so much deeper and far wider. Over and over again we let You down but You never fail to forgive. We hurt You in our disobedience but Your love is a constant! “Amazing Love! How can it be…?” Praise Your Holy Name!

2 Timothy 4:9 (<<click here)

Lord, we always seem to see Paul as one of Your most stalwart followers – strong in his convictions, an individual that we could count on, one we could go to for encouragement and support. He may have consistently emulated You to the world but he was not You – he was only human as am I.

The phrase, “Timothy, please come as soon as you can,” reflects very clearly his humanity. He is weary. He is lonely…and he yearns for Timothy’s companionship – his love, his encouragement, his presence.

Lord, You have created us first of all to need You. You fill the hole in our lives that absolutely nothing else will fill. No matter how hard we work at shoving other things in… But, Jesus, you have also created us to need each other. You are not inhibited by space or time but we surely are. Help me to be the encouragement that I need to be to my family, my friends, my congregants, my fellow workers, any customers and even total stranger who come across my path. I cannot be in all places at all times, as You, but use me to do what I can with Your help and directions. Amen.

Jan 4th, Mon, 6:25 am