Get Your Hands Dirty

I feel so driven. Father, to be here! After all the hit and miss of the last several weeks, it feels wonderful to come together with You on day number 5 in a row! May I make the most of this time set apart for us.

Titus 2:6-7 (<<click here)

“…be an example…by doing good works of every kind.”

One of the things the Church has struggled with over the millennia of its existence is the balance between faith and good works. Both are a vital necessity in our Christian walk. Foundational to our relationship, Lord, is that we act in faith believing that You gave up Your life in our stead for the sins that we – every single one of us – have committed. We are only saved by the grace of God – it’s gift and we can’t take any credit for it. And it’s important to note that we cannot earn it either – the good works we do cannot earn us salvation. (Ephesians 2:8-9)

So here’s where the struggle comes – salvation is by faith alone but as James says, “Unless [faith] produces good deeds, it is dead and useless.“ James 2:17 Church history has seen extremes on both ends – those who claimed the salvation by faith and refused to do anything else because they felt they didn’t need to and those who felt that they had to work to earn their salvation by their works. But, Lord, both work hand in hand to make us the children we are called to be in You!

One of the biggest hurdles of the average follower of Christ today is motivating them to act on their faith. By no means does this mentally affect all believers but in many instances it is very difficult to get them to do anything. For many just coming to church is a great accomplishment. They’ve done their duty, so don’t ask them to do anything else!

Lord, help me to “be an example.. by doing good works of every kind” Help me to lead the way. Help me to motivate. Help me to put my actions where my faith is. Help us to love the world as You do – not just in word but in deed!

Jan 25th, Mon, 6:11 am