Bleed Love

Once more, Father, I give this day over to You. Thank You for being at the helm of my life. Yesterday, I know You were with me. You guided my thoughts, enabling me to live out Your will in my life. You enabled me to be kind when I wanted to be short. You helped me side step temptations. You granted my strength when I was weary. I am truly blessed…

Philemon 1-7 (<<click here)

Before Paul brings up the reason for this piece of correspondence with Philemon, he affirms who Philemon is. He is a good guy. He has a reputation of living out Christ’s love. He’s not just a talker – he’s a doer.

Lord, many of us can talk a good talk but when it comes to living it out…it’s not so easy. There are times in even good people’s lives when our goodness seems to wear thin and it would be so much easier to lash out. And what’s crazy is that it doesn’t have to be some major altercation that tempts us to snap.

Just yesterday, a customer was looking for a silver chain and she said something, that for whatever reason, I took exception to. In my heart and mind anger flared up. In reality it was trivial – so trivial that I can’t even bring what she said to mind less than 24 hours after it was said. But Lord, thanks to You, I quickly doused the fire checked my attitude and served her as she deserved, with love and respect.

In this situation goodness prevailed but I’m sorry to say that although this is the norm, that it is not always my response. If I am weary or if my toes get stepped on enough times in a row or for that matter if certain “buttons” get pushed, I can snap and lash out. I can say things that don’t need said. I do things that don’t need done! And once things are said and done they cannot be unsaid and undone.

Lord, I pray that more and more Your love will prevail in my life. Fill me so full of Your love that if I do get poked or prodded that though it may draw blood that all I will bleed is love… being more like You each and every day.

Feb 9th, Tues, 5:52 am