Father, I know these times together are absolutely imperative to my spiritual “fitness,” but I have struggled the last couple of days. I get up and come to where we meet, yet once here my mind wanders and its difficult getting started. I continue to push through but that element of joy seems to be missing. I do realize that it’s important to persevere and that some days aren’t as enjoyable as others. Too, this is much more a reflection on me and my mental state and absolutely not a reflection on You.

I guess I’m thinking that if I get it out there and I am honest about it (which You want me to be) that You will help me to deal with it. I realize that on occasion You test me, and it helps me get my bearings. It enables me to find out where I am and what I should do next.

What I’m doing is right, it is beneficial – in fact it is critical! Our relationship is of utmost importance because if literally impacts every aspect of my life. I don’t want our time together to grow old or to become routine. By no means am I losing interest! I really don’t think that I have ever been closer to You and more aligned with Your will than I am right now! And my greatest desire is to only grow deeper in my relationship with You. I don’t want to grow cold. I don’t want to be ineffective. I want to be used by You in every aspect of my life – at home, at work and in my ministry.

Thank You for never giving up on me. Thank You for Your Love! Draw me closer to Your heart and will – strengthen me to do the things I need to do – to say the things I need to say. Help me to continue to shore up my defenses. You have helped me so much and I surely could not have done it alone. All praise goes to You! Bless my time with You, Jesus. Make me what I need to be! Amen!

Feb 13th, Sat, 6:54 am