Seat Beside You

Father, in my mind’s eye this morning I see You awaiting my arrival. You pat the seat beside You and beckon me to come. I am welcome. I am cherished. Even with the entirety of the world calling for Your attention I know that You have taken the time to be just with me. I am loved!

I can’t help but think of our interaction earlier this morning. After a routine trip down the hall, I snuggled back under the warmth of the covers ready to fall back to sleep. But my mind would have none of that. I thought about a situation at work…had a few random thoughts of this and that and struggled with something from church as well. My mind was restless. I was very much at ease physically but definitely not mentally.

Many times over the past several months during these middle of the night excursions my mind has gone directly to You, Lord…and it bothered me that it had been doing so less lately. So I prayed about it, and of course there You were! I had lost sight of You but You had never stopped thinking of me… Focusing on You brought peace to my heart and mind. Isaiah 26:3 is prudent and the King James Version is what sticks in my head “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee because he trusteth thee.”

My thoughts are fixed on You, I trust You and You alone can keep me in perfect peace. Thank You, Lord, for being with me. Thank You for loving me and for interacting with me. I love You, too…

Feb 15th, Mon, 6:24