Small Stuff

Father, in talking with a brother-in-Christ last night I was reminded of how much You care about us, even in the small stuff. Often we are prompted to do little things and just as often we brush it off as a random, “where did that come from?” kind of thing. Shortly thereafter something happens and we think, “Why didn’t I do that little thing that popped in my head?” Those aren’t’ random things it’s You!!

We’re driving along and we see gas is at $1.39 and it pops in our head, even though we have half a tank, “I should fill up.” We may brush it off and say, “I’ll do it later.” The next day we’re out again and gas has jumped to $1.59! You tried to help us and we blew it off! Next time I’ll act when prompted!

You love us – You care about us! Even the small stuff. It all adds up! It’s just like pennies they’re not worth a whole lot but pick them up often enough and you have a $1!

And it’s not just about making life easier and realizing that You care about us. On another whole level You are training us to listen to You. Once we become responsive to Your still small voice in regards to the little things, it will open the door to bigger, more important things.

The next time it may not be about gas. It may be prompting to pray for someone and we find out later they were in a difficult situation at the exact time we prayed! Who knows, Lord, what You will use us for!

A while back at the store, You checked me in my attitude towards a regular customer who does not always have the sweetest disposition. When I saw her heading to jewelry, I am ashamed to say, I would literally groan inwardly. You prompted me to love her – to be kind and considerate. So I did. And as we interacted while she looked at some things, out of the blue she opened up a little and shared a little about herself.

She wasn’t from around the area until recently when she had had some physical issues and her family who did live in the area felt it best that she move closer to them. So she did. She sold her home and left everything of familiarity behind and now lives not too far from the store. Fortunately for her, her health improved and she is doing much better but unfortunately just about everything she had cherished – her home, her friends – are now gone or too far away to enjoy. Then she said something that pierced my heart. She said, “I only have a couple of friends here and you’re one of them.”

She barely knows me and honestly I can’t even tell you her name – but, dear Lord, I am her friend.

What if I had not listened to You, Lord? I don’t know what would have happened if I had just brushed away that prompting but I didn’t – and because I was obedient, You were able to touch someone as only You can.

Lord, help me to listen – even in the small stuff. Train me to not hesitate but to immediately respond when I am prompted by You. Amen!

Feb 21st, Sun, 6:18 am