The House that God Built

Another quiet morning, Father – the best kind. The last few days have not been the norm but I am grateful that You’ve helped me in my determination to come together. Help me to make this day a very productive one and to keep my focus on You and how I can become more like You in all I say and do.

Hebrews 3:3-6 (<<click here)

God built the house
Christ is in charge of the house
We are the house – “if we keep our courage and remain
                                                           confident in our hope in Christ.”

One thing our modern mindset has taken from us is the concept that we are beings of purpose and value. By eliminating God entirely from the equation this is where we have landed. Even though it is a lie, many believe that we are all just ‘things” of happenstance just like every other “thing” that has ever existed. But, Lord, we know this is not the case and all who believe otherwise are delusional.

We are who we are because God made us. We are the kind of “house” we are, not by chance but by design. We are not cookie-cutter houses, even though there are billions of us, but are purposely, uniquely created by Him – how wonderfully glorious is that!

And whether we like it or not, Christ is in charge of the house. He doesn’t make us obey – obviously many do not. We do what we want, making our own additions to the house. But miraculously, He can take the messes we have made in our lives and help us clean them up. Many of our “additions” will continue to impact us but Christ can even turn those things around, making them beautiful.

We do have purpose and we are of great value! Lord, help us to accept Your lordship over our houses. Make us new in You.

Feb 26th, Fri, 7:32 am