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When My Best Isn’t Good Enough (re-posted)

A post from missionary friends of mine: When My Best Isn’t Good Enough

I know Ben and Katherine from my time serving the Lakeholm Church of the Nazarene in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Katherine grew up there (her father is a professor at Mt. Vernon Nazarene University) and Ben attended when his family was on furlough from their missionary service in Papua New Guinea (his father is the chief surgeon at their station). Both Ben and Katherine are doctors and have given their lives to missions, serving with their two beautiful little boys since the beginning of this year.

Warrior (re-posted)


Amber (Buena) Holderman grew up near where we live. Her parents own a local Mexican restaurant, La Paloma. They are wonderful Christian people. I remember Amber helping around the restaurant even as a child. She has grown up into a wonderful woman who puts her faith into action.

Amber’s daughter Cailyn battles Autism and Amber has taken part in the American Ninja Warrior competition (the Pittsburgh Qualifying episode which aired Monday, June 29th) to raise awareness for Autism research and to fight for Cailyn because “Cailyn Can”.

This blog post, Warrior {<- click here!}, was written by her husband.