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River of Life

Father, as I have sat here praying my heart goes out to the three ladies who are dealing with the loss of their beloved husbands within the past few days. Also, there are two who vigilantly are sitting by their spouse’s sides as they valiantly fight to overcome the after effects of strokes. Father, I place them in Your more than capable hand, touch each of them today, may they find comfort in Your loving arms. Amen.

Point of focus. That’s what You must be for us, Lord. Life is so full of things that try to overwhelm us. They seek to knock us over. We experience much over which we can despair. In the midst of it all friends and family rally round to support us – and we are so grateful they are there. But there are times when they cannot be there. The river of life continues to move along. Friends, family, and ourselves, we move on… but the pain, the loss cannot so easily be left behind.

You, Lord, are the only One who is always by our side, through the ebb and flow of the river of life, through all the ups and downs, You are right there with us.

May we see You through the struggle, through the heartache. May we fall upon You in our time of need, for You are there. Oh, Sovereign Lord, You are our refuge and strength, a very present help in time of trouble. Grant unto us Your abundant mercy. May we find comfort and healing balm in Your sustaining grace. Amen.

Apr 24th, Mon, 6:29 am

Give Away Your Wealth!

Thank you for yesterday, Father. The opportunity to help a friend in need, getting things done for worship, a nice supper with Karen and completion of church business at our meeting last night made for a very full day! But You were with me from beginning to end, what a blessing! I look forward to this day and what we will tackle together. Use me as You will.

1 Timothy 6:17-19 (<<click here)

Lord, we are abundantly blessed – and our blessings are not just monetary in nature. Many are blessed with family, with love, with joy and peace – there are so many things for which to be thankful. We may be blessed but are we willing to share with those who are less fortunate?

Each day at Kohl’s I have choices to make. Will I share my blessings or keep them to myself? Joy is a highly valued commodity. Sometimes life and the way we address it depletes our store of joy. Lord, may I be generous in my dispersion of the overabundance of joy in my heart.

Sometimes love is hard to find. Many are lonely and destitute. People many times have no family and few friends or possibly the family or friends they do have are oblivious or apathetic to their need for love. And many times people are just plain hard to love. Lord, help me to see people as You see people – to peer through the crusty layers of grumpiness or anger to the core of people’s being and to love them even in the their “unloveliness”.

Yes, Lord, many of us are very “wealthy” and we are wealthy in many ways. Help us not to be hoarders and hermits but may we be generous givers so we may enrich the world with You!

Oct 2nd, Fri, 6:12 am