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I Choose Joy

Sleep is heavy in my eyes this morning, Father, despite the cold water in my face. Help me to hear Your words for me this day.

Revelation 1:9 (<<click green)

If I were to ask anyone who has read the New Testament to any degree to give me a description of the Apostle John, I doubt anyone would describe him as dour, grumpy or melancholy. He most certainly would not be labeled with an Eeyore personality.

Even when I read today’s passage, Lord, I don’t see discouragement or anxiety – there is no doom and gloom mentality. Though I see the words “suffering” and “endurance” and “exiled”, in my mind’s eye I see a man of joy, determination, and love. The “disciple who Jesus loved” is much like his Master. His attitude toward life remains consistent regardless of his circumstances.

John was no more perfect that I am but at this point in his life – and he was probably in his 90’s – he had experienced enough of the ups and downs of life that there is no pretense. He is who he is – a man at peace with himself, his world and his Lord.

I pray, Lord, that I am like John – at least a good part of the time. I have never been imprisoned (Acts 4) or placed in exile but we all have our trials. I do lose my cool on occasion. I ponder my lot in life and wonder if it will ever change. Overall, I am content with wherever I find myself. But one thing I most definitely can attest to – this joy is not a natural response to my life and circumstances. My joy – as John’s – is found in my relationship with You, Lord.

The chorus of an old hymn comes to mind,

There is joy, joy
Joy in serving Jesus.
Joy that throbs within my heart

Every moment, every hour
As I draw upon His power
There is joy, joy
Joy that never shall depart.

May I ever draw upon Your power, Lord. Amen.

June 13th, Tues, 6:34 am