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Ties that Bind

Father, thank You for another day. I do not know what it will hold for me…but You do. Shine through me this day in all of Your glory. May I be a reflection of all Your attributes in my many interactions with others until my day is done. Amen.

Lord, as I think back over the last several days I can clearly see the strength of familial ties. But when You are intertwined amongst those ties, they are stronger still.

Families are a wonderful blessing, Lord. Over the years I have seen many of them rally together to support one another in times of celebration and in times of loss. They are truly there for each other through thick and thin. Lord, I am also grateful that family is not limited to the group into which one is born. For those who choose to believe, we can all be a part of Your family – brother and sisters regardless of race, geography or economic status. Many of my people are so grateful to have children and grandchildren by their side. We may be separated by distance or the trials of life may have left us alone to fend for ourselves, but, Lord, no one is exempt from Your family. Thank You for adopting us all into Your family. Help us to pray for one another, to love, to support, to rejoice with, and to cry with. You are there for each of us and because of Your call on our lives and Your example set before us may we be there for each other.

Blest be the tie that binds
Our hearts in Christian love;
the fellowship of kindred minds
is like to that above.

May 3rd, Tuesday, 5:50 am

Adopted into the Family

Over the thousands of years, Father, oh the countless multitude who have sat where I am sitting – in Your presence, spending time with, learning from You, growing in Your, being love by You. What a privilege!

Hebrews 2:11-13 (<<click here)

It’s a little over whelming, Lord, to think that because You have made me holy that I am now Your brother. I know that this is the case but it just seems so…so…intimate. I know, oh too well, who I am yet You embrace me as a cherished member of Your family.

I really don’t know a whole lot about the feelings that are associated with adoption. I know people who have been adopted but we’ve never really talked about it. I also know individuals who have adopted children and have heard some of how it has impacted their lives. As I sit here writing, it by no means does it justice but here’s a little of what I see.

Two families come to mind. In both instances, by no choice of their own, there were unable to have children and they wanted children so badly. The love they shared with their spouse they wanted desperately to share with someone else – and not just any someone but a special “someone’ who would call them Mommy and Daddy. There was a void in their lives and they wondered if it would ever be filled. God graciously enabled both of these couples to embrace beautiful additions to their families. It is truly a blessing to hear the stories they have to tell and to see pictures of their children as they continue to grow. It is obvious that the gifts they have received are not taken for granted. They are cherished, they are loved, and life could not be imagined without them.

Neither couple was coerced into bringing a child into their lives. They diligently prayed for the privilege of having a child and both were richly rewarded.

Father, it is a difficult to comprehend all You went through to bring me into Your family. You sacrificed greatly so that I could be with You. Jesus, You gave up Your very life so that I could be made holy, so that I could call You brother.

I guess what comes to mind when I think on these things are pictures of love, fulfillment, acceptance, gratitude, completeness and things being as they should be. And though these are all my personal things – intimate things – they are not meant to be kept quiet. They are things that bring great joy and are meant to be celebrated!

Feb 20th, Sat, 5:29 am