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My Second Blogiversary!

It’s hard to believe but this weekend was the two-year mark for the More than Useless blog. Altogether I have published 516 blogs that have had over 13,000 views from 85 countries! I realize that not every view from every country is someone who reads my post in its entirety. But…I also am a firm believer that some out there have unintentionally landed on my blog but God had other things in mind.

It is interesting how many people land on certain posts. Recently a lot of my international views have looked at Journey On. I imagine they are interested in travel destinations but find something else entirely. Music lovers seem to land on Conductor of Love. And some may need to check with their physicians in that several have clicked on Itching Ears.

I would ask that you, my readers – the intentional ones – that each day that you read my posts that you would pray for those who may inadvertantly come upon what I have put out there. Beyond the blog website, of course, I also post on Facebook, as well as, Pinterest, Google+, StumbleUpon.com, and Twitter. I have had many views from countries that would in no way count themselves a Christian nation. Only God knows what He can accomplish! Pray that More than Useless would provide one more door by which God can touch people who so desperately need to know Him.

Also, if you are encouraged by what you read, share it! It takes one click to share on Facebook. Forward the link to a friend. Send it out! This is simply me sharing what God has laid upon my heart. If it speaks to you, it surely will speak to others.

Thank you all so much! I count you all as one of my congregations – the largest by far. I pray that you will continue to be encouraged. Hang in there! God loves you more than you can imagine and you are definitely more than useless!

One Year Blogiversary!


Today marks my One Year Blogiversary and, as of last night, I have had 2,881 visitors with 6,630 views from 39 countries across the globe! I have so enjoyed putting these together and I truly pray that you have benefited in some way from my posts. To celebrate this special occasion, below you’ll find a list of my top 5 posts from the past year (based upon views here and on Facebook). However, I would greatly appreciate it if you would let me know what posts have been your favorites over the past year, too! If you would, please comment below or on Facebook. As always, I greatly appreciate it if you would consider sharing my posts, signing up for the blog to be delivered to your email and/or liking me on Facebook. Thank you so much for your support!

#1 – ONE AND ONLY SON (859 views)

One and Only Son

#2 – CALLING ALL HUSBANDS! (728 views)

Calling All Husbands!


Homemade Vegetable Soup

#4 – WAIT PATIENTLY (549 views)

Wait Patiently

#5 – FATHER AND SON (AND MOM, TOO!) (476 views)

Father and Son (and Mom, too!)