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Lead Me

Today is a sluggish day, Father. I am weary and none to motivated. Help me to focus and accomplish what You would have me to. May I think clearly and act decisively. I give myself over to You. Amen.

In preparing for this past Sunday’s worship service, Lord, you brought to my mind a hymn that I remember from my childhood. It is entitled, God Leads Us Along, and it was written by George A. Young in 1903. Here are the lyrics,

In shady, green pastures so rich and so sweet,
God leads His dear children along.
Where the water’s cool flow bathes the weary one’s feet,

God leads His dear children along.

Some thro’ the waters, some through the flood,
Some thro’ the fire, but all through the blood.
Some thro’ great sorrow, but God gives a song,
In the night season and all the day long.

Sometimes on the mount where the sun shines so bright,
God leads His dear children along.
Sometimes in the valley in darkest of night,
God leads His dear children along.

Though sorrows befall us and Satan oppose,
God leads His dear children along;
Through grace we can conquer, defeat all our foes,
God leads His dear children along.

Away from the mire, and away from the clay,
God leads His dear children along;
Away up in glory, eternity’s day,
God leads His dear children along.

(Here’s a nice arrangement by Travis Cottrell if you’d like to listen just click on the title, God Leads Us Along)

When I looked up those lyrics to put them in PowerPoint for worship a little story was attached.

Around 1942, Haldor Lillenas decided to track down George Young’s widow and find out more about this hymn. He got an address in a small town and, driving there, he stopped at a gas station to ask for directions. When the attendant saw the address, he said, “Why sir, that’s the County Poor House, up the road about three miles. And mister, when I say poor house, I really mean poor house!”

Not knowing what to expect, Lillenas made his way there. He found Mrs. Young, a tiny, elderly woman, in surroundings that were far from congenial. However, she radiated the joy of the Lord, and spoke of how He’d guided her and her husband over many years. Then, she exclaimed, “Dr. Lillenas, God led me here! I’m so glad He did, for you know, about every month someone comes into this place to spend the rest of their days…So many of them don’t know my Jesus. I’m having the time of my life introducing them to Jesus! Dr. Lillenas, isn’t it wonderful how God leads!”

Lord, I am grateful that You lead me. Keep me close by Your side. Amen.

July 13th, Thurs, 11:02 am

No “Give Me”

As I sat down with you this morning, Father, my first thought was a “give me” thought. Granted I was asking for Your direction and guidance in our time together but the “give me” was the very first thought that formed in my mind. You deserve my love and respect. You are to be revered – not just flippantly demanded of. You are holy and pure, Father. I honor You for all you have done for me and the list of Your generous acts is incalculable. I lift Your name in praise for all of Your mighty acts in my life and in all of the world…every day, every moment.

Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name; worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness. Psalm 29:2

Lord, I saw the above verse when a song came to mind – a song that brings praise to You. The song was “Glory to His Name.”

Down at the cross where my Savior died,
Down where for cleansing from sin I cried,
There to my heart was the blood applied;
Glory to His name!

Glory to His name, glory to His name:
There to my heart was the blood applied;
Glory to His name!

I am so wondrously saved from sin,
Jesus so sweetly abides within;
There at the cross where He took me in;
Glory to His name!

Oh, precious fountain that saves from sin,
I am so glad I have entered in;
There Jesus saves me and keeps me clean;
Glory to His name!

Come to this fountain so rich and sweet,
Cast thy poor soul at the Savior’s feet;
Plunge in today, and be made complete;
Glory to His name!

Words: Elisha A. Hoffman, 1878
Music: John H. Stockton, 1878

I cannot even begin to recall the number of times these lyrics have been upon my lips! The only time the word “I” is used is in praise of the wonderful gift of salvation that came by Your sacrifice for me – for all of us! The author of Hebrews, in speaking of the Law of God, states in verse 22 of chapter 9, “…without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness.” NLT

The Amplified Bible paints the whole picture, saying plainly what is implied.

“…without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness [neither release from sin and its guilt, nor cancellation of the merited punishment].”

Lord, without your sacrifice, where would I be? Who would I be? Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for Your wonderful gift of salvation! Sin no longer has control over my life! I battle it. It continues to call my name. But You, Lord, You give me power over it in my life! I am no longer a slave to sin but a servant to my Savior! Glory to Your name for releasing me from sin and its guilt – for taking upon Yourself the punishment I deserved so that I could be set free! All praise and glory truly belong to You! No “give me” is rightfully there just humble acceptance.

Mar 7th, Tues, 5:14 am

Beautiful Day!

It is still dark out, Father but it is a beautiful day. Why shouldn’t if be so? I awoke this morning. You have blessed me beyond measure! It may be modest, but I have a beautiful home. She has yet to rise and will need to wash her hair and brush her teeth, but I am so blessed to have Your daughter as my bride and her beauty far exceeds the standards of this world! In the next couple of hours, I will once again walk through the doors of Kohl’s. I have been blessed with a job that meets my financial needs and has always been supportive when ministry calls – when I’ve had need to join families struggling in the ER and left work to do so, or when I’ve had to call off to officiate at many funerals over the years.

Lord, this is just the tip of the iceberg! It’s a beautiful day for You are by my side. Through every instance of life, smooth or rough, through joy or through tears, You are there.

Yes, You are with me, but on an even more celebratory note, I am with You because of Your sacrifice, Your grace, Your mercy. Because You loved me I can be with You. Your life’s blood covers my many sins so that I can come before You. Thank You, Lord! Praise Your Holy Name!

Use me this day, Lord, to radiate Your beauty to all who would cross my path. May I be a living, breathing reminder of what You can do for anyone. Thank You for the privilege of being Your servant. Amen!

Sept 23rd, Fri, 6:41 am

Nip It in the Bud!

Good morning, Father! You have been leading me in prayer the last few days but I feel compelled to write today. Looking forward, I give this day over to You. I do not know what it will bring but I know You will be beside me all the way. Use me to further Your kingdom.

Hebrews 11:4 (<<click here)

In today’s verse, Lord, Abel is commended as a righteous man because he brought a more acceptable offering than Cain, his brother. It was acceptable because it was a blood offering but it was also acceptable because it was accompanied by a right attitude.

First of all, it sure didn’t take long for sin to manifest itself after the Fall. I’m sure there were other things that were just not noted in Scripture but, wow, it didn’t take much to jump from disobedience, to anger, to murder!

Lord, as I look back at Genesis 4 I can see that Cain’s trouble began when he bristled at being corrected. His offering was rejected for it was not a sacrifice of blood. He could have corrected it but he was ticked off and ran with that mindset, instead.

How many times have I let unrighteous mindsets carry me away? Unfortunately my personality is such that even little things can tick me off. You have helped and continue to help me squelch these flair ups but I still have to deal with them on a fairly regular basis. And it doesn’t put a stop to them and my poor attitudes begin to manifest itself in words and actions it can lead me to hurt myself and others – especially loved ones.

Lord, I am so grateful that You continue to work patiently and lovingly with me. I surely need Your constant influence in my life. It’s a bit of a weird thought but with Your help I need to take Deputy Barney Fife’s advice from long ago and “Nip it in the bud!” 🙂 Before bad attitudes and actions even start to develop, as soon as they “bud” they need to be nipped off so they cannot grow and cause harm.

Help me, Lord, to be more like You every day.

May 9th, Mon, 6:24 am

More than Conquerors

As we come together this morning, Father, may I be focused on you and attentive to Your words…and may that be the case not just here and now but throughout our day together. Amen.

Hebrews 9:1-15 (<<click here)

Lord, for my mind to wrap itself around this passage I need to go back to the very beginning. Adam and Eve were very clearly told, in fact it explicitly states in Genesis 2:16-17,

“But the Lord God warned him, ‘You may freely eat the fruit of every tree in the garden – except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. If you eat its fruit, you are sure to die.’”

They disobeyed and sin entered the world and according to God’s word, being irrevocably true, with sin came death. Paul’s statement in Romans 6:23 makes it clear. “For the wages of sin is death…” So for Adam and Eve’s sin to be forgiven death was required. Their death was not instantaneous but blood had to be shed. To cover their new found nakedness blood was shed – a life was sacrificed – and so it began.

So for thousands of years because sin was inevitable (and will be until Christ returns) life – blood – was forfeit for forgiveness. And that was the case still when Jesus first came to live amongst us.

Over time God set up a structured system by which sins could be forgiven. It may have provided the necessary forgiveness but it dealt basically in the realm of the physical and ceremonial. By its very nature it could not get to the core of the problem – the conscience. And there was no permanence to it – every time they sinned another sacrifice was needed. In addition every year it was necessary to offer a sacrifice for the community as a whole.

But in God’s timing Jesus came to live amongst us. He became the perfect, once and for all, sacrifice. And His sacrifice went way beyond the ceremonial and physical – it went to the very core of our being. His blood not only covers us but His very presence fills us. The conscience can be brought under control.

Lord Jesus, thank You for all You do. We no longer need live defeated lives. In You we are victorious, “In You we are more than conquerors. Romans 8:37 NIV

Apr 5th, Tue, 6:45am

A band that I really like is Rend Collective – here’s a great song by them if you’d like to check it out!