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Control Your Tongue

Who needs an alarm clock when I have a Father who loves me so much that he gently wakes me at just the right time so we can spend time together every day? And just about every day is different as to when I have to get up! Thank You, Father, for loving me so much! Thank You for Your patience and for never giving up on me. I am so grateful and blessed to be Your child!

James 1:26 (<<click here)

Lord, I know James will address this topic in more detail later but he mentions it here. “If you…don’t control your tongue…your religion is worthless.”

There is absolutely no way to count the number of times my tongue has gotten me into trouble. From childhood until now, it continues to be unwieldy. It moves before my brain has engaged. Now I must say, Lord, that You have helped me so much in this area. Because of You I stop… and think. I am by no means perfect but You have helped me over and over again to not jump into a gossipy conversation. You have stilled my mouth when I have been tempted to share an unconfirmed “truth” just because I wanted to be “in” or to impress someone. Some things…many things…are better left unsaid.

As Your child, Lord, how can I, on one hand, build people up as You would have me do and then in the very next breath tear them down? If I don’t control my tongue…my religion is worthless.

Holy Spirit, work through me this day. May the words of my mouth clearly communicate to whom I belong and serve with joy!

Aug 20th, Sat, 5:44 am