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Assurance, Come What May

It is early enough that it is still dark outside, Father, but I am glad that we are here together. I need You today, to hear Your voice, to feel Your touch, to have the calm assurance that You are with me all the way. Amen.

Last night was one of those nights! I’m sure I dream more regularly than I recall but last night’s is still fresh in my mind. My dreams are always wacky and this one was no different.

As many of my dreams do, this dream involved church. I was not preaching but was leading the music. First of all, the speaker wasn’t there but there were other people on the platform and I had no idea who they were. There was a mess on the platform that for some reason I had contributed to but there was no time for questions on any front – the service was beginning. I walked to the pulpit for the first hymn and could I find it in the hymnal? Nope! It was #40 and no matter how many pages I flipped through I couldn’t get out of the sixties! I thought the PowerPoint would help if the words would just pop up but instead, a cartoon of babies in the nursery began singing – and playing instruments! – and it wasn’t even the hymn we were to be singing!

Oh, the nightmares of pastors! We’ve all had days like that and it is much more frustrating in reality! We can’t just wake up and it’s over.

As my opening prayer alluded to, we need You, Lord. No matter what the day may hold, when we keep our hearts and minds on You, we can tackle anything. The calming assurance of Your presence can calm the wildest sea. We can’t anticipate everything that we will come across throughout our day, but we can know that whatever comes, You will always be by our side. Thank You, Lord, for Your active presence in my life. Thank You for being our assurance come what may. We would be lost without You.

Sept 5th, Tues, 6:25 am