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Why Don’t You Call Me Home?

Good morning, Father!  Thank you for a good night’s sleep (I wasn’t up even once) and my shoulder isn’t aching at all. Praise You for this beautiful day!

Philippians 1:20-26 (<<click the green)

Lord, I pray that throughout my life that I would have the perspective of Paul, torn between joining You (i.e. leaving this earth, it’s hardship and heartache) and staying here to lift up and encourage people on their journey with You.

Reading this passage I cannot help but think of wonderful followers of You who at the end of their earthly lives were so overwhelmed by physical adversity that their only desire was to leave this earth and join You. I could never think poorly of them for they were pillars of faith, mentors, individuals who taught me much of You and things I do in following You I gleaned from their influence (Grandma Provance and Rev. Tom Lasley). But they despaired and questioned why You let them linger here – why You didn’t call them home. You had Your holy reasons and I am sure You understood their responses. It makes me cry even now to think of their heartache in their last days!

Lord, You know my heart and You surely know my love for them. Help me continue to embrace their great love for You and how they strove to serve You and talked with You for they loved You dearly but I would ask that my heart’s desire, regardless of what would happen to my body or mind – and only You know the possibilities – would be that You would grow me to the point that I would give up being with You, and all that means, so that I could encourage one more person in their walk with You, would say one more prayer lifting up the down-trodden that they would persevere and overcome by standing faithfully by Your side.

I pray here and now that You would give me a heart for the lost, that I would be constrained to have the heart and soul of Pastor Rick Warren’s dad whose final breaths on this earth were “Got to save one more for Jesus!” over and over again! Lord, please give me Your heart, Your love for Your world! At this point it is not me – forgive me! I plead for Your courage to speak exactly what needs spoken!  I plead for Your tenacity to never give up on people but to be persistent in pursuing them for Your glory!

“Open My Eyes that I may see!” what You see!  Feel what You feel!  And act as you would act! Help this to become my overwhelming desire. “Mold me, make me, fill me, use me!” Praise and glory to Your Holy Name!

May 14th, Thurs, 6:55 am

Lying in Bed

Father, thank You for Your love. Thank You for being who You are – God Almighty! As I lie in bed last night I was overcome with fear and anxiety. Sadness enveloped me. Multiple factors contributed to my state of mind. As we lay there, I shared some of my thoughts with Karen and after a bit she basically said that we can’t let “what ifs” control our lives for we don’t know what will be.

Father, You – and only You – know what the future holds. No matter how terrifying it may become You will be victorious. Like it or not, the world in which we live is of own making. And we must live with the repercussions of our actions. We must shoulder the blame. You will help us through it but You are not the one to blame. You have guided and directed us as to what we should do and where we should go but we have disobeyed Your directives. We have been fearful. We have been apathetic. We have been lazy. You have warned us but we have not heeded the warning.

Men like Isaiah and Daniel show us there is no such thing as too little too late. Father, may I be a man of courage – not relying on myself, but on You. Lying in bed last night, I gave my fear, my anxiety and my sadness over to You. You are my God. You are my Redeemer. Regardless of what I must go through, those statements – those realities – will not change. Evil may think it has the upper hand. It may win some battles. It will have it’s day. But it will be defeated! The Lord of Heaven’s Armies has already won the war! Nothing can and no one will be able to stand before You! Every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that You and you alone are God! (Romans 14:11)

I rest in You , Father – I will not be debilitated but I will be determined to follow You – whatever the cost! Amen – so be it!

Dec 7th, Mon, 4:42 am

Unashamed to Proclaim

Father, as my heart turns to You this morning so many needs come to mind… and this is a small cross section of the physical issues, anther who is in need of equipment for better access to her home due to physical problems, a young child finishing up a week of very aggressive chemo with a pending stem cell transplant, a dear friend who is fighting Stage 4 cancer along with recovering from a broken hip, a college friend who recently lost her father… and the list could go on. Father, I am so grateful that You are with each of these people and that though the world may storm about us we are never alone.

 2 Timothy 1:8 (<<click here)

“…never be ashamed to tell others about our Lord.”

Jesus, I must say that I am not ashamed to tell others about You but must admit that I struggle. Sometimes I am fearful… will they still like me, will my sharing hinder future interactions? Sometimes I am clueless, an opportunity presents itself and my brain doesn’t grasp it until they have moved on. Lord, from the pulpit I have no problem with sharing You but face to face in my daily life I know I can do more… I know I can be more effective.

Lord, I need Your help. Give me courage. Give me wisdom, Give me boldness. Enable me to be Your messenger to a world that needs You so desperately.

Oct 16th, Fri, 6:37 am

I Have a Tree

Father, thank You for getting me up this morning. It was very tempting to remain in bed but I cannot, my spiritual fitness suffers if I do not take time to regularly meet with You. Thank You for caring so much about my spiritual health, not just this morning but for everything You have done so I can find salvation in You.

1 Timothy 6:20-21 (<<click here)

I would ask, Lord that you would help me to guard what You have entrusted to me. Please give me the strength and the courage and the wisdom and the love to proclaim Your Good News to everyone I can.

Our world is replete with “godless, foolish” notions and there is so much banter back and forth. Help me to invest my time, thoughts and efforts wisely – putting my efforts into things worthy of eternity and Your kingdom.

In my mind’s eye I see an orchard. I have my tree and everyone else has a tree, too. Each of our trees bears a regular harvest and that harvest is impacted by those things with which we feed and nurture our tree. We water and fertilize our trees but we can also graft in branches from other trees as well. All of these contribute to the kind of fruit we will glean from our trees and for that matter the kind of fruit others will glean as well from our trees.

Lord, my tree is a gift from You – it is my life. I have done good and bad things to my tree but it is what it is. I have freely chosen to do with it as I will. First of all, I am grateful that I have given my tree back to You. You know what is best for its growth. You have trimmed out dead and diseased patches. You have grafted in branches that strengthen me and help me to produce better fruit. I still, quite often, have to interject things that hinder my growth. But You are patient and help me little by little rid them from my life. Lord, help me to guard what You have entrusted to me. Help me to be very careful with what I nurture my tree. My greatest desire is for the Master Gardener to use my tree as He sees fit and that its fruit will nourish others for years to come.

Oct 4th, Sun, 5:59 am


Father, I am so grateful for Your presence in my daily life. My only regret is that I am not more attuned to You. I know that I have improved and that I do hear Your voice more frequently then I used to but I’m sure there are times when You speak that I just don’t hear. I am truly grateful for what I do hear but long to be more guided by You. I would ask that You would help me develop the habit of listening, then taking action, when You speak to me. I am Your vessel, Father, use me as You will. Amen – so be it.

1 Timothy 4:1-5 (<<click here)

As my study Bible reminds me, Lord, “the last times” began with Your resurrection and we are surely in the midst of them 2000 years later! Just as Paul had to deal with false teachers, so do we.

Lord, there are so many things in regards to You and Your Word that have become distorted. I pray that You would continue to encourage me to be a faithful student of Yours. I am by no means infallible but I strive to build my life upon the firm foundation which You have laid.

My biggest need in this area is knowing when to speak and what to say when discrepancies arise. I realize some things are not important but other things are essential and are not to be twisted or pulled out of context. Enable me to discern truth and falsehood and after doing so, I would ask for wisdom and courage as well. May I be patient or pointed as each situation dictates.

Again, Lord, You have guided my thoughts to the direction of Your Word ! Before I had ever read this morning’s passage You had pointed me in the direction You wanted me to go. What better place for me to place my faith than in my Creator and Savior – my God who sees the big picture of life and sets my course for what is best!

Sept 10, Thurs, 7:17 am