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Deep Seated Trust

Father, quite regularly I am in awe of how you work in my life! On occasion, I can forget why I am entering a room but this morning out of a dead sleep, You enabled me to totally process why I was waking an hour earlier than the norm. I needed to proof one of Massey’s papers. And now I am sitting here with You, ready to learn. Amen- so be it!

1 John 1:1-4 (<<click here)

When a trusted friend shares something with you, you accept it for what it is. That’s the way I feel about John, Lord. I have read through his Gospel and Epistles so many times that I have a deep-seated trust of him and what he has to say. He saw You. He touched You, Lord, and there is absolutely nothing that would give me reason to doubt him.

Lord…I pray from the very depths of my soul that I am the same. I pray that I am trustworthy and true. I pray that the longer people know me, the more assured they are of my genuineness.

I realize that I am human. I make mistakes. I am far from perfect. But I pray, Lord, that You shine through me. Hmmm… that’s probably why I trust and love John and for that matter Paul and Peter and Luke…You shine through them. I love them because I love You.

So many in this world are seeking for authenticity. They crave genuine, deep love. Lord, touch them through me. As I feel that I can see and touch You through the words of John may others see and touch You through what I say and how I live. Amen.

Mar 27th, Mon, 6:06 am