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Empty Vessels


As we come together this morning, Father, I would ask that You would help me to focus in on what You would have me to hear and to do. Help me to use our time together wisely. Multiply the little I have into an abundance that will most benefit your kingdom here on earth. Amen.

Lord, You led me to once again look at the Puritan prayer I read through yesterday It spoke to me yesterday, but portions jumped out to me today.

Fill me with thy Spirit
    that I may be occupied with his presence…
Send him as the searcher of my heart,
    to show me of my corruptions and helplessness
    that I may flee to thee,
                           cling to thee,
                           rest on thee,
     as the beginning and end of my salvation.

In worship yesterday, with Your leading, You had me speak of making ourselves empty vessels. I readily admit that I am a weak vessel… but You well know that I am a willing vessel, too. With the filling of Your Spirit – only when I live my life in You – am I stronger. I must be occupied – consumed even – with His presence in my life. Only He can see to the heart of my being. Only the light of his holiness can penetrate into the dark recesses of my soul, illuming things that do not belong. I am helpless, I am dependent upon You. But my salvation is found as I flee to You, as I cling to You and when I rest on You.

Lord, I wholly give myself over to You. There is nothing – absolutely nothing that I withhold. We don’t know how long we have, but I for one want to be ready. Ready to meet You if it is today. Ready to respond at a moment’s notice to Your beck and call. For only You know who will cross my path this day.

Spirit of the living God,
Fall fresh on me.
Melt me, mold me, fill me, use me
Spirit of the living God,
Fall fresh on me.
 ~ Daniel Iverson, 1926

Aug 29th, Mon, 5:51 am

Reign It In!

Father, I’ve struggled the last couple of days and this morning I call out to You. I need Your strength and determination to keep me set apart for You. I admit I am weak. I am fallible. I have not “crashed and burned” but even playing with fire can lead to catastrophe. I am dependent upon You Father. Only in You can my striving for holiness be fulfilled. Praise Your Holy Name because of Your faithfulness, love and patience!

1 Timothy 2:8 (<<click here)

Lord, if we are to have a growing relationship, prayer has to have a very prominent place. If I don’t listen to You, if I don’t speak with You, I am directionless. Trying to make progress on my spiritual journey without prayer, is like going on vacation out of state and not using a map or taking advantage of the benefits of a GPS or even stopping to ask for directions! I’d never see the things I wanted to see unless I stumbled over them by plain, dumb luck.

Lord, I need You. I am dependent upon You. Only You can put all the pieces together to form the masterpiece that You have in mind. But I have to listen and pay attention.

As Paul reminds me in this morning’s passage, I have to be careful not to obstruct my times of prayer as well. I am called to pray but I must be “free from anger and controversy.” My mind is already too easily distracted but add anger and controversy into the mix and absolutely no headway is made. Unfortunately when something ticks me off, prayer most often is the last thing on my mind. Lord, first of all, please help me to curtail my anger. But when I do get angry help me to see Your face – to feel Your presence so that I can quickly rein it in. I would ask for You to guide me – not my anger. Amen.

September 2nd, Wed, 7:02 am


Yesterday was sure a mixed bag for me, Father. I enjoyed Your presence and am grateful You could use me. But later I felt my weaknesses inhibited what You wanted to happen. I was fearful and didn’t address an opportunity as I should have. And then in a separate incident I was slighted and instead of finding comfort in You, I had to “discuss” it with others. I’m sorry… The only solution is to draw closer to You, so as to spend more time with You, so as to become more like You. Amen

1 Timothy 1:12-14 (<<click here)

How apropos the notes of my study Bible for this morning’s passage are for me today, Lord. Initially Paul stood against the followers of the Way but You were able to turn him around. But now he is bold and rock solid in his relationship with You – no matter what is thrown at him. As yesterday clearly points out, that is not me. But, as my study Bible notes read, “we can remain confident that Christ will help our faith and love grow as our relationship with him deepens.”

I am dependent upon You, Lord. Please continue to draw me to Your side. I have no doubt that You love me and I truly believe that Your plan for me is victory – I will overcome the adversities of this life. I would ask that You would turn my detriments into determination! May Your name be forever praised my loving and patient Lord and Savior!

August 24th, Mon, 5:51 am

I Cannot Sanctify Myself

Father, as I look ahead to the next several days I would ask for Your watch care over my family. Keep us safe and keep us in the center of Your will. Help us to love each other and to make the most of our time together. Help me to keep my heart fixed upon You – to be motivated by what You would do. Help me to be a true reflection of You in all I say and do.

1 Thessalonians 5:23-28 (<<click here)

Lord, me being holy (my sanctification) is wholly dependent upon You. I cannot sanctify myself. Some days it feels as though I can barely keep myself pointed in the right direction. All I can really do is to totally (spirit, soul, and body) give myself over to You. You have given me a free will and I willingly give my life over to You. Who but the creator of me would know best. You alone know what is now (in its entirety) and what will be (in all its possibilities).

Again, Lord, Paul refers to You as “the God of peace” and again, from the many experiences in my life, I know most assuredly that true peace is found only in You. Any peace I can generate is short lived – and probably even that little bit rightly must be attributed to You.

Only You can make me holy. Only you keep me blameless in my entirety (spirit, soul, and body). Only You “will make this happen” for You call me and You are faithful. You are my everything. I find completion only in You. Help me to be all You want me to be! Help me to live my life to the fullest – fulfilling Your call with every breath!  Amen – so be it!

August 8th, 2015, Sat, 5:59 am