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Keep On, Keeping On!

Some days, Father, it is difficult to sit and write – and this is one of them. My mind is distracted, going a multitude of directions. I’m a little off-kilter. I ask for Your forgiveness and that You help me to focus on the important not the trivial.

Titus 1:1-4 (<<click here)

I am still struggling and time is ticking away. I suppose I could compare myself to the island of Crete where Titus was sent to minister. The Good News had touched many lives but there was much to be done – to take numerous individuals all going different directions in life and attempting to bring them together as one body of believers would be the challenge.

Established mindsets are difficult to overcome. Even some who seemed solid in their determination to follow Christ would have issues with things that had long ago been laid to rest. As are we, the church is a living breathing organism. And as in any and every setting, the church continues to grow and decline, and mature and fall back. It is an ongoing endeavor both for the church and the individual to maintain their relationship with You, Lord, through all the many ups and downs. We kid ourselves if we think it doesn’t happen to us or that it only happens to us. All of us must continue to strive to keep our relationship with You alive and well. Jesus, You are there for us, You don’t give up on us, You forgive us when we fall but We are the ones who must decide to move forward – to not give up, but to advance.

Lord, help me to keep in line with You – to not throw in the towel but to keep on, keeping on!

Jan 11th, Mon, 6:34 am