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More than an Old Book

When I arrived home last night, Father, I was greeted by a beautiful sight. I was very dark but when I glanced up the night sky was filled with stars. It was absolutely spectacular! What a wonderful God You are! You are so diverse! Thousands of stars visible to the naked eye – and no two alike!

“The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship.” Psalm 19:1

Hebrews 4:12 (<<click here)

Lord, I would think many people would raise their eyebrows to hear that the Bible is “alive” and “exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.” It’s just a book and an outdated ancient one at that! And it was written mainly by ancient people from an insignificant country on the other side of the world, so how could it have any impact on a modern mind from a much more advanced culture such as mine?
Well believe you me it can impact and it surely does impact!

The greatest reason why the Bible is what it is and does what it does is that it is the very word of God! You used men to write it but Your Spirit inspired and directed every single one of them in their own personal way to communicate what Your people needed to hear.

It is “powerful” in that it is infused with the very power of God. If He can take the dust of the earth and breathe life into it making man, it is no more of a task to breathe life into words on a page no matter how old they may be.

And being old and written by people from another culture on the other side of the world makes no difference. We may think we are so much more advanced but man is still man. We may have more toys and gadgets and believe we are intellectually superior but things and knowledge do not change man at his core. We are still driven by our emotions, we love and hate, we are still controlled by our passions and we are still in need of a Savior in that we still cannot free ourselves from the bondage of sin.

Thank You, Lord – the Living Word of God – for giving us Your Word. May it “expose our innermost thoughts and desires” so that You may help us to overcome, so that You may change us for the better. Amen!

Mar 3rd, Thurs, 6:46 am

The Allure of the Trap

Father, beyond the last couple of days being outside the routine, they have also been trying. Fiery darts have flown and I have been less adept with my shield than I should have been. I have already asked for and received Your forgiveness and would ask that my resolve be strengthened from Your never ending reserves. My strength is found in You, Father, for I am weak. Thank You for Your love and patience. If I truly got what I deserve, I would have been a pile of dust and ashes long ago. But only because of You, I am stronger today that I once was and in You I will be stronger tomorrow, too.

One of the daunting things about country living is the fact that unwanted guests will occasionally let themselves in…mice! Every nook and cranny in our home has been filled and sealed with the exception of one and it is a space that I cannot get to. Almost all of the lower cabinetry in our kitchen will have to be removed for the entry point to be eliminated. So we use traps and they do a fine job.

Over the years we have discovered that peanut butter serves as very enticing bait and many an unwanted guest has succumbed to its allure. The scent of it draws them. The taste keeps them and drives them further in until a foot or a nose trips the lever and the penalty is paid for unwanted entry.

The devil knows our weaknesses and being unable to be everywhere at the same time, he sets traps for us – alluring things, enticing things, things that are very, very hard to say “no “ to once they have been tasted. And none of us are exempt. We can all be tempted. All of us have entered places where we have no business being, be it physical or mental. Many times we realize early on that we’ve entered a very dangerous place and exit immediately but even the strongest of warriors can be enticed in times of weariness or when our guard is let down even for a moment. And in that moment of hesitation the trap is sprung and we are caught.

But our Father, gratefully so, can be everywhere at the same time. And when we cry out He is there to save us, to set us free, once again from the trap. We lick our wounds and regret our actions and fall on the gracious mercy of our loving Lord and Savior who understands us, more than we could ever know. “For this High Priest of ours understands our weaknesses, for he faced all the same testings’ (temptation) we do, yet he did not sin” Hebrews 4:15

Thank You, Lord, for Your love, Your forgiveness and Your mercy and grace. Give us wisdom to avoid the places of temptation. And when we do end up there and sometimes it attacks when we didn’t even see it coming, gives us the strength to stand and fight or sometimes it is just best to turn and run.

May we continue to abide in Your presence and learn from Your Word so we may be ready, in Your wisdom and strength, for whatever comes our way. All praise, and honor and glory to You!

Feb 27th, Sat, 4:58 am