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Maintenance Required

Father, yesterday was a little unusual but thank You for the opportunities given. The day did not pan out as I had planned but Your will was done and that is all the better!

One home project I was able to see to completion yesterday was to clear out some brush that had been encroaching onto our driveway. I had done it some time ago but it had grown a good four feet into where we park (see picture above – darker limestone is where the brush had grown over!). The maintenance was a long time coming.

Lord, as we examine our spiritual lives we realize that kind of laxity can have a lot more impact than a loss of parking space. It is easy to let things begin to encroach upon our time with You – things that are not bad in and of themselves but take up space and time that are more effectively used otherwise.

Prayer is an essential part of our relationship with You but so often we crave that 30 more minutes of shut eye or we get caught up in the latest Facebook posts from friends and families. What is more important?

Reading and thinking on Your Word gives us a depth and understanding to carry us through the many ups and downs of life but to carve out one more slot of time in the morning seems to be an insurmountable challenge. And forget about trying to do it before bed, we’re worn out and ready to drop. But again…what is more important?

Lord, we require maintenance. To accomplish what You need of us, we must keep communication lines open. The clutter of the non-essentials of life can not only slow it down but it can sometimes bring it to a grinding halt.

Help me, Lord, to clear out the obstructions. Help me to create the most needed time in my schedule for time with You – not just quantity but quality time. Give me a burning desire for what is truly important. Amen.

July 30th, Sun, 6:32 am