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Before It’s Too Late

Thank You, Father, for being my companion today. I appreciate Your presence as I have worked here at home getting things ready for Sunday.

I read the next passage of Scripture but feel that you would have me to write on something else. Coming into this week I was actually a couple of days ahead on my writing, which is more the exception and not the rule in recent days. But as the week progressed my lead shrank. It wasn’t because I didn’t have an opportunity to write – I did – but I put it off it because I was struggling to focus. I tried to write last night before the evening was through but all I got down on paper was my opening prayer, then things happened and I didn’t get any further.

As I finished up the book of 2nd Peter he wrote of making choices in our relationship with You, Lord, so as to be prepared for Your inevitable return. How many of us “put it off”? We have so much on our plate of life that we struggle to focus on what is truly important.

If you have never accepted Christ as your Savior but keeping putting it off because you are hesitant to hand over the reins of your life to God for fear that you’ll have to give up too much or maybe do things you don’t want to do, then it is vitally important that you make it your top priority to deal with your spiritual health. None of us knows when our lives will end. None of us knows when Christ will return. And if the decision to accept His free offer of salvation is put off and put off, it will be too late. At that point, there will be no do-overs. Our answer of “no” will be our final answer and we will have no one to blame but ourselves – for all of eternity.

I’ll not apologize if this sounds “preachy” for that is my calling. This is by no means a negative thing! It is the most positive thing one can ever do. We never lose by accepting Christ, we always win! The things we think we cannot live without are replaced with things that are so much deeper and richer and more fulfilling than we ever thought possible!

I would ask that you not put it off any longer. See things for what they truly are. Give your life to Christ – you’ll never regret it!

If you would like to make that decision here is a link that lays out the ABC’s of Salvation. Email or Facebook Message me if you have any questions or to let me know about your decision.

Thank You, Lord, for Your Love for all of us. May we all strive to serve You with all of our soul, mind, and strength each and every day! Amen.

Mar 23rd, Thurs, 7:56 am

Be Holy? You Betcha!

It’s been too long since I’ve come to sit with You, Father. I didn’t realize until just now that’s it’s been 4 days! I was thinking it had only been a couple! I’m sorry…I’m here to learn. Help me to listen.

1 Peter 1:13-16 (<<click here)

Lord, You have set the bar pretty high. Peter admonishes us to “prepare your minds for action,” so that’s where we begin. Living “as God’s obedient children” is challenging enough but being holy “in everything, I do, just as God who chose me is holy” – now that’s huge!

A couple of points come to mind. First of all, Lord, You want us to succeed. You would never set us up to fail. It’s not an easy task be we can do it. Of course, a big thing is we aren’t meant to do it by ourselves – You are there all along the way. You are there to teach and correct and encourages us all along the way. You strengthen and empower us.

Then Peter exclaims that Scripture commands us to “be holy because You are holy.” Lord, You yourself commanded us to “be perfect, as our heavenly Father is perfect.” Matthew 5:48

Many at this point would cry out, “Why even try?” It’s a lost cause! I’m sure not perfect much less holy! But we can’t give up. There are things for which we strive.

Think of all the musicians and athletes out there. Their goal is to be the very best they can be. Sometimes they are spot on. Their performance is flawless; they pull off world record breaking feats. Other times it’s back to the basics because it’s just not happening. But when they falter, do they quit? No! They push on!

We must do the same spiritually! We will make mistakes! We will sin! And total holiness and perfection will only become a reality when we join You in eternity. But one must strain and push ourselves to attain the goals You’ve set for us for it is so worth it not just for eternity but for here and now, as well.

Oct 28th, Fri, 6:15 am

And It Came to Pass

Father, time is surely one of the many things from You that man cannot control. We try to savor the good “times” with attempts to slow it down. We try to sidestep tough (or boring or uncomfortable) times by hoping it will “pass quickly”. But it is a constant, seemingly, it will forever continue at its fervent (or plodding) pace depending upon our perspective.

But Your perspective is a constant too, Father, for You Yourself are a constant. You stand outside of time for You just are. You have always been and will always be.

I on the other hand, by Your creation, live in time. I cannot avoid it. And though I am here “now” that will not always be the case. I may currently live in time but in actuality am a creature of eternity. My life here, in the comparative short time I live on this spinning globe, is but a precursor to what my life will be eternally.

Here and now everything, myself (body that is) included, will deteriorate. Absolutely nothing that I can touch or see or hear or smell will ever be the same. I cherish the things I love while they are in proximity of my sphere of life. I am consoled knowing that difficulties and heartaches will not always, I pray, be with me but that I can assuredly say, “And it came to pass.”

There is great comfort found in 2 Corinthians 4:17-18:

“For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever. So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now, rather we fix our gaze on things that cannot be see. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.”

Lord, I would ask today that You would help me to make You the constant in my life. Time, though a constant now, will be no more but You are eternal. And the things of You are eternal. May my life be spent in investing in all those things. And the overarching component in them is love – Your love for me, my love for You, and my love for others. If I can fill every second of my life with love, fleshing it out in incalculable ways, that is what will last for eternity.

Mar 5th, Sat, 5:10 am

Reality of the Truth

It’s been on the unusual side for me the last several days but thank You so much, Father for waking me to spend quality time with You. I’ve benefitted way more from our interaction than from a few more hours of sleep.

2 Timothy 2:11-14 (<<click here)

Many over the last 2000+ years have given themselves over to You, Lord, in faithful service – while many more have wanted nothing to do with You at all. And it continues today. For those who denied themselves and followed You our reward will be the privilege of serving with You for eternity. For those who deny following You or for that matter, even deny Your very existence, they cannot – simply by their denial – avoid the repercussions of their choice. I truly believe many have the mentality that if they believe You don’t factor in then that’s it. In their mind they won’t have to answer to You. We can deny You. We can be unfaithful to You. But that does not change who You are. You will remain faithful to who You are. Just because we don’t believe it does not change the reality of the truth. Many will stand before You on that great Judgment Day and will no longer be able to deny the truth. They will come face to face with their Creator and there will be no more denial – only incredible, excruciating loss… and separation – eternal separation.

Lord, enable me to be faithful in my calling to You. Give me an urgency to proclaim the salvation that You extend to everyone. Give me the words to say. Help me to see through the many layers of pretension that people put up. Peirce through the darkness of their lives with Your love. Use me as the conduit to touch them for You.

Nov 7th, Sat, 6:57 am