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We Strive to Divide

With a meeting out of the area this morning, Father, I am just now sitting down to write. I am being distracted by many things. Help me to place my attention on You. Amen.

Revelation 5:6-10 (<<click the green)

Lord, You continue to show the Apostle John the sights of the throne room of heaven. There are many in attendance here and they are giving You the honor You rightly deserve. Verse 9 speaks to me.It speaks of Your worthiness to open the scroll, to break its seals. Yes, You are the Lion of Judah but You are also the Lamb of God. You willingly gave yourself to be slaughtered and “your blood has ransomed people for God” and here is what speaks volumes to me. “…your blood has ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation.”

Um…anyone left out there? …Nope! The word used there is “every”. Not one person is excluded! Because of what You have done, Lord, we have “become a Kingdom of priests for our God. And [we] (every single one of us who follow You) will reign on the earth.”

At this point in time (as well as many others I am sure) we are an absolute mess! We look for ways to segregate ourselves. We strive to divide ourselves. Much of humanity’s sole endeavor is to make sure we are broken down into camps of every imaginable disunion.

And even that is not enough! If we each crawled into our own holes that would be bad enough but, no, we must make sure that we express our hatred for whatever other unit that is not like ours or at the very least hatred for those who don’t agree with our viewpoint! It…is…insanity!

We scream for tolerance! …but there is no tolerance… We scream for acceptance and love! …but there is no acceptance or love… We clamor for peace! …but there will be no peace…

We will only find love and peace when we give ourselves over to You, Lord. Then, and only then, will that be the fruit of our labors. Oh, Lord, help us! May Your followers do everything we can to be like…You. I may cost us everything…but it is the only answer. Oh, Lord, help us….

Aug 17th, Thurs, 5:26 pm

Believing Equals Loving

Thank you, Father, for a very productive day yesterday. Pretty much everything is ready for Sunday and You helped me get through a very large chunk of computer file organization.  Getting church files and sermon files, amongst all kinds of other files, straightened out will make things a lot easier. Your companionship is cherished!

1 John 3:11-24 (<<click here)

“And this is his command: We must believe in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, and love one another.” v.23

Lord, as I pray and read through my study Bible* notes, I understand that first of all we must believe what You have said, that is very important but equally important is embracing who You are – You are the Son of God.

Believing “in the name” means that my goal is to pattern my life after Your life. And if I am doing that then I will abide by Your command and Your lifestyle to “love one another.”

It really is very much like a simple mathematical equation.

Believing Your words + believing You are God = loving one another

Living out my faith in You will always result in love. And that love has no exceptions. We cannot pick and choose – it is all inclusive. In reading Your word, that is how You lived.

Thinking along those lines brings to mind a portion of a recent sermon. In the days before Your crucifixion, You loved Judas. He wasn’t excluded. He wasn’t avoided. You didn’t withhold Yourself from him. In the upper room, You washed his feet just as You washed everyone else’s feet. You loved him. You repeatedly gave him opportunity to turn from the path he was headed down.

Could I have done the same? Could I willingly love someone that I knew was going to betray me? Could I treat with tenderness the individual that I knew was the catalyst for my death?

You are my example, in the flesh. You lived out Your love, withholding absolutely nothing. Lord, make me like You. May my love grown deeper and stronger as I spend time with You. Amen.

May 5th, Fri, 5:11 am

Immersed in Honey

Father, I am so sorry that we have taken Your beautifully perfect creation and have twisted it to something ugly. What You meant to be purposeful and fulfilling we have warped into many things that are lost, misguided and empty. I pray that You could help me to be an instrument used by You to draw my world once again to You, for beauty, perfection, purpose and fulfillment is truly only found in You.

Colossians 2:16-23 (<<click here)

Lord, this world is a discombobulated hodge-podge of thoughts and ideas, it is a cacophony of voices pulling us all here then there. We are literally commanded to be inclusive, tolerant and expected to accept every conceivable variance of reality. “Political correctness” can tell us what we say, what we do, how we act. But Lord, You are “reality.” And You alone can set us “free from the spiritual powers of this world.” v20b

Interestingly enough with all our “open mindedness” and accepting and inclusive mentalities You are excluded. The Way and the Truth is rejected.

We press others into believing what we believe because we don’t want to be pressed into believing what You say we should believe. How ironic…we cast aside the one true God so that we can be our own gods. We in our perverted, sinful way want others to be like us because we don’t want to be told by You to be like You.

Lord, help me to keep You first and foremost in my life. You alone are reality – the world is a very cheap imitation, a house of cards ready to fall – destined to do so. The idealistic mindsets of this world are like honey – initial sweet and enticing but we cannot immerse  ourselves in them, doing so is death – we cannot move, we cannot escape, we cannot breath. Only by coming to You in repentance, humility, seeking forgiveness can we be set free.

Lord, help me not to be carried away by the “sweetness” of the world and help me to show the world who You truly are so they may be saved as well. Amen.

June 15th, Mon, 5:48 am