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And It Came to Pass

Father, time is surely one of the many things from You that man cannot control. We try to savor the good “times” with attempts to slow it down. We try to sidestep tough (or boring or uncomfortable) times by hoping it will “pass quickly”. But it is a constant, seemingly, it will forever continue at its fervent (or plodding) pace depending upon our perspective.

But Your perspective is a constant too, Father, for You Yourself are a constant. You stand outside of time for You just are. You have always been and will always be.

I on the other hand, by Your creation, live in time. I cannot avoid it. And though I am here “now” that will not always be the case. I may currently live in time but in actuality am a creature of eternity. My life here, in the comparative short time I live on this spinning globe, is but a precursor to what my life will be eternally.

Here and now everything, myself (body that is) included, will deteriorate. Absolutely nothing that I can touch or see or hear or smell will ever be the same. I cherish the things I love while they are in proximity of my sphere of life. I am consoled knowing that difficulties and heartaches will not always, I pray, be with me but that I can assuredly say, “And it came to pass.”

There is great comfort found in 2 Corinthians 4:17-18:

“For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever. So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now, rather we fix our gaze on things that cannot be see. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.”

Lord, I would ask today that You would help me to make You the constant in my life. Time, though a constant now, will be no more but You are eternal. And the things of You are eternal. May my life be spent in investing in all those things. And the overarching component in them is love – Your love for me, my love for You, and my love for others. If I can fill every second of my life with love, fleshing it out in incalculable ways, that is what will last for eternity.

Mar 5th, Sat, 5:10 am

Imminent Suffering

It’s been too long, Father since I’ve sat down with You for our time together. But one thing that I am grateful for is that You have been at the forefront of my heart and mind the whole time. Several times over the last several days I have called out to You and You have kept me strong in my faith and true to my commitment to You – praise Your holy Name!

2 Timothy 1:8b (<<click here)

“With the strength God give you, be ready to suffer… for the sake of the Good News.”

Lord, a few years ago this passage would have seemed much less imminent. So many things have changed in our world in recent years… and most have not been for the best. Evil on a multitude of fronts is on the rise – just thinking of it all makes my stomach churn.

Everybody and their brother, at least in Christian circles, seems to have an opinion as to what is going to happen. We may not know specifics and we surely don’t know when but suffering is inevitable.

Lord, I don’t know if it will yet happen in my lifetime but may I be ready for it. Help me to continue to strive to make our relationship strong. Help me to sink my roots deep, deep in to Your love. Help me to fervently repel the evil that comes my way. And if that evil someday comes banging on my door may I look it square in the eye, and in Your strength “be ready to suffer… for the sake of the Good News.”

Oct 21st, Wed, 7:24 am

Love Multiplies, It Doesn’t Divide

Father, I plead of You help me to never grow weary of our time together! May it always be refreshing, fulfilling, encouraging and inspirational.  As the years go by may I collect many journals and when I look back please let me see what I have matured and changed for the better because You have continues to work in my life. May my passion and desire for relationship with You only broaden, deepen as the days and months roll by! As the old hymn goes…

Deeper, deeper in the love of Jesus
Daily let me go;
Higher, higher in the school of wisdom
More of grace to know
O deeper yet, I pray
And higher every day
And wiser, blessed Lord,
In thy precious, holy Word.

– Charles P Jones, 1900

Colossians 4:7-18 (<<click here)

Paul’s closing of his letter to Colosse is full of encouragement. Even though he was imprisoned he was surrounded by many faithful friends who mutually supported each other and lifted up the Church. Lord, help me to continue to surround myself with those who would lift up Your kingdom, as well as, myself. And help me do the same for Your kingdom and them. Love, and sometimes tough love, should permeate it all. With You infilling us all, we are to encourage one another to keep the faith. We are to fervently persevere in prayer for one another. Being a hermit may work for a few but we are called a body for a reason – to work together, weak and strong, to build Your kingdom. Please give us wisdom and strength and patience and courage. And Your love must saturate it all – too much damage can be done without it. The love with which You infill us is a multiplier – without it division is inevitable. Help me, Lord, help us, Lord to be filled with You and to be about Your business.

July 5th, Sun, 6:09 am