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Actuate Love

Your presence and watch care over me yesterday, Father, was so much appreciated it wasn’t like anything crazy almost happened – it was just a run-of-the-mill kind of day. But having You close – feeling Your love – is wonderful. May Your name be praised forever! Amen.

You have truly blessed me, Lord, with a beautiful companion. Sometimes I love her like there’s no tomorrow and try to show her that in as many ways as possible. Other days I still love her but I just take her for granted – I only think about me and for the most part ignore her needs altogether. Way too frequently, I let little things get blown out of proportion, I say things that should not be said or in ways, they should not be spoken.

Lord, as You know, we’ve had no big falling out or huge confrontation for quite some time. But as I look back over the last several days and weeks, the “love her like there’s no tomorrow” days seem to be way outnumbered by the “take her for granted” days. You know I love her and she knows I love her, Lord, but that loves needs fleshed out more.

A road sign that used to bug me was the one that said, “STOP HERE TO ACTUATE SIGNAL”. Why does it say “actuate” and not “activate”? I guess the device embedded in the pavement is actually called an “actuator” but regardless stopping at that spot causes the signal to change so I can turn.

Lord, every day may I have to stop whatever I am doing or thinking or saying and in doing so may I actuate my love for Karen. May I flesh it out. May I give it legs to move, arms to hold, lips to encourage. Enable me to not just say it, but to show it.

Feb 3rd, Fri, 6:29 am

Open Lives

Thank You, Father, for the encouragement to refocus. Our time together is too crucial for me to be hit and miss about it. I pray that all of my days will be impacted by the time we spend alone together each morning.

Titus 2:3-5 (<<click here)

Every one of us, Lord, has a responsibility – each of us must be attentive to receiving and /or giving examples of godly living.

Growing up I don’t know if I deliberately examined and followed the guidance and direction of the godly men and women who crossed my path. As I got older, I may have done so but I would say that overall I learned less from what I was told that I should do or not do and way more by the way they lived their lives out before me. Many people from a great cross-section of life impacted me – parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, in-laws, Sunday School teachers, church leaders, youth workers – and the list goes on. So many dear people fleshed out what it meant to be a follower of Christ in the ebb and flow of life.

And even today I still learn but now more and more, I am on the teaching side of things – and this goes way beyond my time behind the pulpit. How I interact with the people in my churches on a personal level and how I work with my leadership teams making decisions for the churches. But I also find myself purposely saying and doing things that will convey my commitment to Christ in my work at Kohl’s. Each day I interact with associates and customers – some who I know well, others who I will never see again – and I am responsible to live before them all a godly life – one of integrity and compassion – a life that shows one and all Whom I belong to and Whom I follow. Lord, help me to conscientiously follow Your lead – to boldly live my life, to be transparent, to love others as You love me.

Jan 24th, Sun, 6:32 am

Longing for Good

Oh my, what a week – it seems like forever since I’ve sat down with You, Father! And, boy, do I feel it! The world has been none to kind – crazy work schedule and weariness has made coming together easier to say “no” to and my defenses are not as sharp so things lurking in the shadows have tripped me up. Thank You, Father, for once again helping me to my feet and in your forgiveness, to march steadily onward. (The journey of John Bunyan’s, Christian in The Pilgrim’s Progress, comes to mind)

2 Timothy 3:17  (<<click here)

Lord, I was ready to forge on ahead to chapter 4 but my eyes fell upon the last footnote for chapter 3 in my Study Bible* and I had to pause.

“We should not study God’s Word simply to increase our knowledge… We should study the Bible so that we will know how to do Christ’s work in the world. Our knowledge of God’s Word is not useful unless it strengthens our faith and leads us to do good.”

Lord, help Your Word to not just fill my brain – though that is important – but may it fill my life; may it be fleshed out in daily tasks from beginning to end. The truth of Your Word is not meant to be something that I keep to my self – it is to be shared. Your Word is fully able to “equip” me “to do every good work.”

And isn’t this for what the world is longing? Don’t we all crave and long for “good”? – love, acceptance, security, beauty (real beauty), peace, joy. And aren’t all of these things found in You. The world offers plenty of knock offs but only You offer the genuine article. May I be a purveyor of “good work.”

December 19th, Saturday, 6:19 am

*The New Living Translation Life Application Study Bible