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Don’t Wait! Do It Now!

Oh my, Father, what an absolutely beautiful day! A warm bright sun… still some color on the trees…thank You, Father for the gift of Your majesty!

Matthew 5:25-26 (<<click the green)

I’ve been trying to break an old habit. In order to keep relatively even wear on the slacks I wear to work I rotate them but the old habit I had was not hanging them up right away when I took them off. For years I would lay them down nicely, first one pair, then another, then another. Quite often I wouldn’t hang up them up until the next rotation started. Bad, bad habit!

But I must say that for the most part that habit has been replaced! I am now a regular hang ‘em up guy! I also put my shoes back into my closet daily and I keep the top of my dresser clear of clutter! Yay! (Karen appreciates it, too!)

It is much easier to deal with things when they are little before they start getting bigger and out of control. In today’s mini-parable, Lord, Your advice is to take care of things before they get any bigger, if not, they can get out of control quickly – with tragic results. My study Bible* states,

‘In Jesus’ day, someone who couldn’t pay a debt was thrown into prison until the debt was paid. Unless someone came to pay the debt for the prisoner, he or she would probably die there.”

Way too often we are too embarrassed or stubborn or maybe even apathetic, to deal with confrontational things when they are small. It just seems easier to avoid them altogether. But, Lord, Your way is based on love. And love wants to address things right away – to make amends while things are easier to mend. Following Your way keeps things moving along. May we make a habit of fulfilling Your will here on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.

Nov 8th, Wed, 10:49 am

Prayer and a Good Grilled Cheese

Father, thank You for a good night’s sleep and for gently waking me this morning. Your love is such a constant in my life. It is a river of peace and encouragement which never runs dry. What an awesome source of refreshment and sustenance! Help me to drink from it throughout this day. Remind to “jump in” when I need revived. Enable me to be a beacon shining bright, so others may share in this great Resource, too!

Colossians 4:2 (<<click here)

“Devoted to prayer”  “alert mind”  “thankful heart”

Some of the best things in life are not complicated. We can make them complicated but at their core they are quite simple, sort of like a grilled cheese sandwich. Even I can make a good grilled cheese. All it takes is bread, cheese and butter. It’s not that difficult.

Prayer – it’s not that difficult. Paul’s recipe is quite simple – devotion, an alert mind and a thankful heart.

Lord, help me to pray. Sometimes we feel like it has to be this huge list of requests that is tough to get through and we just can’t take the time to go through it in one sitting. Paul elsewhere directs us to “never stop praying” I Thessalonians 5:17 and our initial response is usually “I can’t pray all the time – I have way too much to get done!” When Paul says to “devote ourselves to prayer” it’s more of a mindset. “Lord guide and direct me throughout this day.”

Prayer is not just about talking – it’s also about listening. Getting in the habit, devoting ourselves to prayer helps us to be more attuned to hearing God’s voice of guidance. And that’s where an “alert mind” comes in. Lord, we have to pay attention! So many things distract us! And we have to be alert because as Peter says in 1 Peter 5:8 our “enemy the devil prowls around like a raging lion looking for someone to devour” Prayer helps us to pay attention to do good and to avoid and/or stand up to evil.

The last ingredient then, is a “thankful heart.” There is nothing better to keep us focused in life. Humble gratitude enables us to realize that we didn’t get where we are through sheer talent and hard work. Those are surely elements but they are also gifts our Creator has given us. Understanding that keeps as focused on Him – we need His support and guidance to get us through this life. Being thankful also goes a long way to keep our own pride in check. Acknowledging God’s generosity in our lives keeps us humble. This makes us better servants, too. We all are part of God’s loving creation and we are called to love each other.

Lord, this day and in all the days ahead, may I be devoted to prayer, help my mind to be alert to You and what’s around me and help me to give thanks when it is due and to humbly serve You in my interactions with others. Amen!

July 2nd, Thurs, 6:59 am

Definitely check out the movie, War Room, it’s a great motivator for prayer!