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Lifting Each Other Up

Father, the ebb and flow of life sure make it challenging. I truly believe You use all of my ups and downs to help me to grow – to stretch me. Right now life, in general, is on an even keel but my spiritual life is a little wonky. I want to spend time with You but part of me keeps throwing things into the works to hinder me. I’m not waking up early enough to do this and so I don’t. I feel like You are saying, “Its time to grow up. I love You, but it is not in your best interest to continue on as a child. I am here, and I always will be, but it’s time for you to take responsibility. I want to spend time with you but you need to take the initiative to take action.” Father, I know You believe I can – help me not to let You down. Help me to grow up. Amen – so be it.

1 Thessalonians 3:6-10 (<<click here)

Lord, I realize that getting together with fellow believers is of utmost importance. Your word encourages us to not give up meeting together” Hebrews 10:25 But just as important is what we do for each other in the in-between times. Our remaining strong in our faith encourages the believers to remain strong in their faith. “It gives us new life to know that [others] are standing firm in the Lord.” vs.8

Lord, help me to pray for my fellow believers, those that are near, those that are far and for those I don’t even know. Help me to be grateful for them – may they be inspirational to me to keep on keeping on. Help me to pray faithfully for them. And, Lord, help to pray for more than just physical things – though they are important as well. But help me to pray for their relationship with You. I struggle spiritually and I know that I am not alone. We all struggle. Our world and our very nature are constantly attempting to pull us from You. We want what we want. We want the easiest path. We’re tired and worn out and just want to crash…and rest… and sleep. Help us all to get that “new life” by encouraging each other to remain strong in our faith.

July 21st, Tues, 7:48 am

In Tune

The time I spend with You, Father, is truly the most important of my day. It sets my mind for the day and my heart as well.

In last Sunday’s sermon I spoke of how spiritually vital it is to take part in worshiping together on a regular basis in that it helps us to make weekly adjustments in our walk with You, Lord. Observing Holy Communion, more so, because it focuses our minds like nothing else on remembers what You did for us. We all need that.

It is essential that we “not neglect meeting together, as some people do.” Hebrews 10:25 but as I continue on this personal, intimate journey with You, Lord, it is absolutely critical that I come together with You daily, for a time of prayer and soul searching.

In my younger years I was actively involved in band. I started with the trumpet and eventually learned to play the French horn (along with its marching counterpart the mellophone). To be successful in playing any instrument requires regular, consistent practice – one must be committed. Another important factor when coming together to play was the necessity to tune your own instrument so that everyone was in tune with one another. With horns this meant pulling out or pushing in certain portions of the instrument’s tubing. That’s a little technical but that’s what we had to do if we were to harmonize with our fellow band members to bring forth beautiful music together. Being out of tune was disastrous.

Lord, my time with You is my daily “tuning.” Coming together for corporate worship is very important but coming together with You on a consistent basis is even more critical. As an instrument of Your creation I am to fulfill my role in the “orchestra” of life. I must learn how to do so from my Teacher. And to “harmonize” with the rest of creation I also have to keep myself “in tune” and that is not just an occasional thing. If I am to do my part it’s an every day thing. Lord, help me to stay “in tune” with You. Amen.

Apr 10th, Sun, 6:01am