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Out of Control

Lots of things on my plate today, Father. Help me to use my time wisely and effectively. Much has to be done for Sunday and I need Your direction and strength to stay the course. Amen.

Hebrews 2:5-8 (<<click here)

Lord Jesus, overall this passage is stating that everything has been placed under Your feet. You have been given “authority over all things.” Quite often in life that is difficult to remember in that it feels like we are on bus that is careening towards a cliff and the only foreseeable outcome is carnage and death. But…You have been given “authority over all things” and our lives – and the world as a whole, for that matter – are most definitely included under “all things.”

You created a perfect world with perfect people. But You didn’t make us love You, You gave us a choice to love You. Now maybe in our naiveté we didn’t do a good job of thinking things through, but we chose instant gratification and in the process chose disobedience which in the big picture equaled a choice not to love You. Perfection was blemished and so became imperfect. And because of that, we imperfect people brought imperfection to the world as well.

So, back to the bus. You have been given “authority over all things” but we chose to do our own thing. The “bus” we are on is of our own making. All of the contributing factors that have brought us to this point, we have instigated and perpetuated. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

I, and I am one of many, have chosen to return the authority to You. I have chosen to love You because You first loved me. You have my best interests in mind… but I am still on the bus. And this bus is on a crash course but I will be saved. Death is not the end, though many want to believe it is. One day we will all stand before You. And on that day the choice we made in regards to You will receive it’s just compensation. Your authority will be acknowledged by one and all.

Lord, may I continue to choose You every day. Help me to bring comfort and joy to others even in the midst of our careening, Help me to show them who You are so they may choose You, too.

Feb 17th, Wed, 6:48 am


Some days are more challenging than others, Father, and this day is a toughie! I’ve already been awake for over two hours and still trying to corral my mind. Help my attention to be drawn to You and to set other things (of less importance) aside.

Hebrews 2:2-4 (<<click here)

Now there is a word we don’t care for – punished. On any front – Biblical or personal – we want to avoid being punished. In the Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, punishment is meted out for “violation of the law” and “disobedience” but in today’s mindset many, myself included, tend to avoid the topic. It’s uncomfortable. It goes against the grain. Lord, we speak of You as being a God of love – and you are that – more than we could ever fully comprehend. But tough love must factor in. We need corrected for we all fall – we are all “prone to wander.” You give us boundaries and we must abide by them – if we do not, there are dire consequences. We can hurt ourselves and others – physical, emotionally and spiritually. As in all parent/child relationships, boundaries let us know that we are loved. Many of the issues we see in our world today are because we have removed many boundaries in a very poor attempt to set ourselves “free”. But instead we are drowning in the dire consequences of our disobedience. Anger, violence, disrespect for others, rampant selfishness overwhelms us every day. Just read the headlines! Our punishment seems to be of our own making – we are paying for our own insolence and pride. We have brought it upon ourselves and the payments are due.

Our only means of escape is to not ignore “this great salvation that was first announced by [You] Lord Jesus.” You are the only way out. All of our clever ideas and “solutions” are absolutely worthless. Only a diligently pursued relationship with You can really enable us to get to the core issue of sin in our lives. Only You can eradicate it. Only You can enable us to be the conquerors You have called us to be.

Lord, help me! I so want to be what You have called me to be but things that shouldn’t tempt me do! I am weak – but not in You! I am fearful – but not in You! Please, Lord, help me to be – in You.

You are more active in my life today than ever. I feel You working. I hear Your voice. Help me to abide in You! Amen.

Feb 16th, Tues, 6:22 am

Ember on the Hearth

As I’ve already seen one pastor comment, Father, in the midst of the cold (-1°F) we should come to You to warm our souls. I am so grateful that though this world may be a cold, cold place (not temperature wise but how people treat people) that we can come to You for a warm embrace of love and acceptance. Thank You for providing a way for our sins to be forgiven so that we can have a true and deep relationship with You!

Hebrews 2:1 (<<click here)

“…we must listen very carefully to the truth we have heard, or we may drift away from it.”

Over the millennia many, many souls have blazed brightly for You, Lord. Their lives have served as beacons drawing others to You. They were fervent believers whose every aspect of life was guided by Your hand. And the world was forever charged!

But what is disconcerting is what inevitably happens as the torch is passed from generation to generation; the flame that once burned bright begins to diminish. The Gospel flame has never gone out (nor will it ever do so!) but it must be rekindled afresh in every generation.

If I pull an ember from my wood burning stove and lay it on the hearth it will continue to glow a bit but in a relatively short period of time it will grow cold. On its own, all by itself if cannot maintain its heat. But if I take place the ember back in the stove amongst the coals it will once again begin to glow.

You, Lord, are our only source for the eternal Gospel flame. Your presence in our lives is what keeps the Church aflame, if we “drift away” from You, there will be dire consequences.

First of all, Lord, I pray that I will stay close to You. My heart’s desire is to seek out Your will for my life each and every day. Help me to not grow cold. Help me to burn bright as I interact with You. Help my warmth and light draw others to You. May others be set ablaze because they have been touched by Your fire coursing through me!

Secondly, Lord, I pray for those “embers” who are sitting on the hearth. They may be cooling down or they may be stone cold. May they be reminded of the necessity of ongoing contact with You. May their souls be discontent until they are once again in Your presence. Help them to see that it is of utmost importance to maintain a relationship with You. Help them to make it a top priority in their lives. Draw them to You, Lord.

Lastly, I would pray for those who have never known the warmth of Your love – not because it has not been extended – but because they have not known what it was. Draw them to You as well. Use me; use others who are burning with a love and passion for You to touch them for You.

Help us to keep the fire burning and to pass the torch!

Feb 14th, Sun, 6:22 am