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“Do To Others…”

Before this day gets to rolling, Father, I want to give it to You. Beyond the routine and mundane, I do not know what today will hold but You do. May I be what You need me to be. Use me this day as You will. Amen.

Matthew 7:12 (<<click the green)

Before I really get started I have to say how grateful I am to singer Steve Green in reference to something else from my days as a children’s pastor. He put out a wonderful collection of scripture but to music for kids. To this day, I can look at Karen when certain verses are read and ask, “What does that remind you of?” and she’s remembered the song, too! This is one of those passages. I pray that these songs have stuck with the many children we ministered to over the years!


This is one of those verses that has had a couple of perversions over time. Lord, at the core of this statement, is love. It reads,

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”

It speaks of the passage from Leviticus 19:18, which is also repeated in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke and several Epistles as well. “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

But we in our devious minds like to twist it. Some may think it’s funny but all too often we live out these perversions.

“Don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you.”

“Do to others before they do to you.”

“Do to others as they do to you.”

Lord, we have all been guilty of acting out at least one of these statements. Our sin nature wants to hurt others, it wants to get the upper hand before others can hurt us, and it wants to retaliate when we are hurt.

If just the Christians throughout the world would live out Your command to “do to others what you would have them do to you” the world would be totally changed and many lost souls would be brought into Your kingdom.

Lord, help me to live out Your command this day. Again may I be what You need me to be. Use me this day as You will. Amen.

Feb 12th, 2018, Mon, 6:42 am

Evil for Evil…NOT!


I lay this day in its entirety in Your hands, Father. There are many elements in it that are unknown. Some are beyond my control. I trust You. May You receive glory whatever the outcome. Use me however You deem best. Fill me with Your love. May I be gracious but may I also stand for what is right. If need be may I be discerning enough to know when I need to fight or submit. Please guide me according to Your will. Amen. So be it!

1 Thessalonians 5:15 (<<click here)

“no…evil for evil” “do good”

Lord, this is really a very simple concept but is definitely counter-culture! Our knee-jerk reaction is to respond in like manner – you hurt me, I hurt you! (worse if possible!) But that reaction is totally, without question, not You. You, the Creator of all that is, almighty (emphasis on the all) God have every reason to punish Your rebellious (putting it very mildly) creation. And pointedly our punishment is death and rightly so. The Bible is replete with accounts where Your punishment was meted out and in every instance, it was justified. But also in every instance punishment was preceded by innumerable attempts at reconciliation! You’re patient and oh so longsuffering. Thank You for Your unsurmountable love!

Ultimately You came to teach us and love us face to face and our response was to return evil for love, ultimately nailing You to a cross… Reason for retaliation? Definitely! But did You? No!! You’re the very epitome of LOVE!  Evil… for evil is not even an option!

Lord, help me to overcome my tendencies to give evil for evil. I am not a vengeful person but I do have a temper and only You can help me temper that temper. May every molecule of my being radiate Your love! May it control my actions and my words in every situation, no matter how difficult. Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace. Enable me to “do good to all people.” With Your power and wisdom and love, I can do it!

July 31st, 2015, Fri, 6:44 am

I’m the One Who Needs Forgiven

Good morning, Father! I am so grateful that this has become a regular part of my schedule. I would ask that You would help me to never take it for granted but that I will always cherish our time together. And I think that’s what is foundational is that I cherish You! I have incalculable reasons why I should cherish You, I just need help realizing them. As Your Word directs, may I love You with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength!

Colossians 3:13 (<<click here)

Forgiveness – Lord, over my lifetime we have worked through so many incidents where I have needed to forgive. Most I can’t even recall but a few of them were huge! Being asked to step down from an associate pastor’ position with no reason given, being unable to refinance our home because of an employer’s comments, being encouraged to leave the nest of security in another associate pastor’s position to became a Senior pastor when I felt I wasn’t ready. In those situations the hurt, the confusion, the anger – they consumed my every thought it seems. In the heat of the moment, I was unable – make that unwilling to forgive. Together, You helping me, I have been able to forgive. Thank You, Lord, that I no longer have to carry that baggage.

And looking back, I am the better for the experiences I have had. Sometimes things just don’t make sense – we just have to move on. Sometimes people are just apathetic to our situations, but we just must press on towards our goal – and sometimes we are the problem. Many times people love us and want what is best for us but we are blinded by fear and uncertainty. When the dust finally clears we find we are the ones who need to be forgiven.

Lord, thank You for taking the hard times, the extremely difficult times of my life and using them to make me stronger, to make me more sensitive to the needs and predicaments of others, to make me more and more appreciative of what You have done for me.

June 22nd, 2015, Mon, 5:58 am

Victim of the Wringer

It was a bit of a rough night sleep wise, Father, but regardless You have lovingly encouraged me to come be with You. May our time together be rich and sweet. Amen.

Matthew 5:31-32 (<<click the green)

For whatever reason, we often have this faulty mindset in place that things are so different today than they have ever been. Yes, technology has advanced greatly but the core of who we are as human beings has not. Solomon said it almost 3000 years ago and it’s still true today,

“History merely repeats itself. It has all been done before. Nothing under the sun is truly new.” Ecclesiastes 1:9

When You spoke, Lord Jesus, You identified a mindset that is still as prominent today as it was then. When man and wife are united in marriage, the intent is for a lifetime commitment. But many of us have a problem with commitment. Some desire to be unfaithful. Some merely are tired of the old model and are looking for a new one. Our whole society leans that way. “Tired of your current car? Get a new one!” “Fed up with the job you have? Get a new one!” “Is your spouse not meeting your needs? Find someone who will!” “It’s not that hard just do it!”

It may be easy to do but that doesn’t mean it’s not difficult. Buying a new car frequently can cause financial difficulties but ending relationships impacts so many other people. And it’s not just a short-term inconvenience – for many, it’s a lifelong open wound.

Lord, divorce is not just some sin that You cherry-picked to rank as one of the top infractions on Your list. Sin is sin. But it is one where sometimes one party and sometimes both parties are so often completely void of love. Lord, I have friends and family both who have dealt with divorce as a part of their life history. Sometimes the division is amicable but most often someone is hurt and the other party is glad that it is so.

We are called to love as You have loved us, Lord. Right now I pray for those I know who have gone through this wringer of divorce. Though they may have suffered greatly, and some continue to do so, may they find a peace and a love in You that surpasses any they have ever known. Help me to listen and love from my end as well. Amen.

Nov13th, Mon, 6:52 am

I Am Your Child…Not a Robot

What a week it has been, Father! Thank You for Your strength, Your wisdom, and Your rest through it all. May I be used of You this day. Amen.

1 John 3:1-3 (<<click here)

“See how very much our Father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are!”

What a privilege to be called children of God! We are not just His creation or His servants, His followers, His robots or His puppets. We are His children and he proudly owns up to the fact that we are His children.

One of the fun banterings parents have back and forth is that when kids are well behaved they are my children and when they misbehave or are ornery they are your children. It’s all done in fun but in many situations, fun is not the intent. How many families are broken because a child or a parent has said or done something that is labeled as “unforgivable”? And there it sits. The anger or hurt or pride runs so deep and is so ingrained that attempts at reconciliation are futile.

Lord, I am so grateful that Your word does not equate You with anger or pride but it says You are love. 1 John 4:8 Love is the driving force in how You feel about us. You love us so “very much” that “[You] call us [Your] children.” Many of us diligently strive to separate ourselves from You. But regardless of destructive actions, Your mind will not be changed. The indisputable fact remains that You love us. You love us so much that You gave Your very life so that we might be saved. John 3:16

Thank You for Your love. Thank You for not letting me go…

Apr 23rd, Sun, 6:25 am