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Love in Action

Another full day ahead, Father, and I would ask for Your blessing. May I feel your hand on my shoulder and Your love in my heart – may it flow through and touch every person I meet and every situation in which I find myself. Amen.

1 Peter 3:7 (<<click here)

Oh, Lord, I know the focus of this verse is very important but my mind is having a difficult time doing just that – focusing!

From a male perspective, women play an extremely important role in our lives.  It is often a role that goes unlauded and unfortunately is often taken for granted. Husbands and sons enjoy all the benefits of our relationships with wives and mothers – clean laundry, good meals, tidy homes, etc., etc. Some of us may give out an occasional “thank you” but for many of us, it goes no farther than that.

We like to throw out that we’ve worked all day and just want to crash. Many women work all day and then come home to work all night, as well. I admit, Lord, I am guilty of this as well. There are times when I think to put more effort into helping out but most of the time I’m oblivious and just let things happen. And it just isn’t right. Lord, I need Your help. Help me to be more attentive, to notice when things need to be done and to do them. There are things I can do regularly that Karen shouldn’t have to worry about. Help me to strive for consistency, Lord, may I lovingly serve my wonderful, serving wife. Help me to lighten her load. Help me to not just speak my love but to put hands and feet on it, so as to put it into actions. Amen.

Dec 27th, Tues, 6:17 am

Love – What It’s Meant to Be

Father, thank You for encouraging me to share my writings yesterday.* I pray that You were glorified. I, honestly, struggle with pride to a certain degree. I lay the whole thing at Your feet, I really want You to get the credit, I want those who read it to think of You.  Its weird how something like this is so simple yet in my mind it’s so complicated. But You know that I only did it (posted it) because I felt that that’s what You wanted me to do.  All Glory to You!

Ephesians 5:21-33 (<<click this)

Marriage…man and woman…husband and wife. Submission to him…love (to the point of giving up his own life) for her. Mutual…edifying…sacrificial. Nothing selfish here…no taking advantage of…just giving. Unity…oneness…a melding of two. Both benefited by the giving of self.  Both made better…both more like Christ. Both placing the interest of the other before the interest of self.  Against the (fleshly) natural…embracing the (spiritual) nature. Rejecting the mindset of the world…embodying the mindset (the life) of Christ.

Lord, as I draw closer to You, please help me to love Karen more and more. She is truly a gift from You that is to be cherished. Help me to do all I can to lift her up, to encourage her.  Shore up my patience and help my selfishness to be cast away.  Please enable me to love her as You do.

May 6th, Wed, 6:39 am

*I posted a photo of my May 5th journal entry (Magnifying the Negative) to Facebook.