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What? Me Worry?

Thank You, Father, for a wonderful day yesterday!  I enjoyed our worship times and am so grateful that we could feel Your presence there. Please, help me more and more to come in time with You…with what You want to take place at both Beulah and Liberty Chapel. Also, thank You for such a great day with Karen and Massey, I cherish our times together! As life marches on, these times, as You well know, get farther and farther apart. Bless our time with one another; Help us savor every moment, Father, thank You for my family!

Philippians 4:6 (<<click here)

“Don’t worry about anything: instead pray about everything.” v6a

I sit here worrying about how to respond to this passage. I sit here praying about how to respond to this passage. That’s just crazy! As I read this passage, my first thought was, “I don’t worry that much.” Now maybe there are things I don’t worry about that others do but I do worry about things. Some of those things to others would be silly. Like, many times I would really like responding to people’s posts on Facebook – I find things inspiring or sometimes posts just touch me, they make me think, they make me realize important things, they bring tears to my eyes. But then I worry, what should I say, how should I say it, will they think I’m stupid, or odd or that I’m out of touch with reality or that I’m putting too much in to what they were saying. And this can occupy my thoughts for hours. That’s just crazy!

Lord, help me…Your Word says, “Don’t worry about anything.” Guide my thoughts and actions in directions that will impact Your kingdom. If something I can say or do will draw someone to You or shed a ray of light into the darkness of this world or will provide others with a quick embrace of Your love… so be it.

Jesus, help me to pray – and act – worrying just keeps the wheels spinning but gets me, nor Your kingdom anywhere.

Lord, You surely work in wonderful ways! I’ve told You “what [I] need” v6b And right now “I thank you for all you have done” v6c and all You will do. You love me and You want me to succeed – not success as the world defines it, but success in that I will more and more fulfill my role as Your child – bringing glory to Your name!

June 1st, Mon, 8:28 am

Flavor My Actions

Good morning, Father! Thank you for yesterday and Your many blessings – a good day of work, bringing Massey safely home, an enjoyable trip to Rachel’s grad party and a good evening with family. Thank You for today, looking forward to what You have in store – Your presence in worship and whatever our other endeavors might be. And thank You for now – I am so grateful we have this time together!

Philippians 4:2-5 (<<click here)

My study Bible* defines being considerate as being “reasonable, fair-minded and charitable.” Paul calls us to “let everyone see that [we] do.” v5 It really boils down to thinking of others before ourselves. Lord, help me to impact the world around me by thinking of those around me instead of myself – and that includes family and friends, coworkers and total strangers. Lord, I feel that my personality has a leaning towards this mindset – though I am sure selfish pride works its way in way to often! Please help consideration to become a bigger part of my life. And I would humbly ask that You would be at the center of each act – that You “flavor” my actions so others would clearly get a “taste” of You each time and that they would know that You are working through me – for “You are near.”

May 31st, Sun, 6:17 am

*New Living Translation Life Application Study Bible

Why I Do What I Do

Good morning, Father! Each of these mornings proves your faithfulness. You wake me up at just the right time. Thank You for caring about me so much. Help me to draw closer to You through our time together and throughout the day. Strengthen my resolve to not yield to the things that take me away from You. Forgive my weaknesses. Help me to focus on You.

Philippians 3:1-3 (<<click here)

My study Bible* sums up this passage well by stating “…don’t think that you will satisfy God by feverishly doing his work. God notices all you do and will reward you for it, but only if it comes as a loving response to his free gift of salvation.”

When it comes to my responsibilities in preparing for worship services I would say I work feverishly, diligently, even doggedly, it is very important to me that I do so. But…do I do it “as a loving response to Your free gift of salvation” to me, Lord?

I think my overarching mindset is that I allow You to guide me in what I put into our worship services but I have to admit that I do not consciously ask for Your direction very often. The element You added this last week as a call to worship for Pentecost was very meaningful to me and others (Thank You!) Help me to seek out weekly what You would have us do. You know what will impact us. You know what will touch our hearts and draw us closer to You. Help me to be sensitive to listen, then to act on Your guidance.

May 26th, Tues, 6:13 am

* The New Living Translation, Life Application Study Bible

Use Us Where We Are

Father, thank you for such a wonderful day yesterday. I am thinking particularly about Your presence at church but am also grateful for Your presence being with Karen and I for the rest of the day. I humbly request that You will always keep me close to Your side – help me not to be so “prone to wander.” I love You and want to be with You!

Philippians 2:25-30 (<<click here)

This morning, Lord, You have prompted me to prayer for those who give of themselves sacrificially to serve where I cannot be, not necessarily because I couldn’t be, but because I am being used by You here.

I think of the Radcliffs – they’ve sacrificed comfort and conveniences by going to Papua New Guinea (though it’s better than it used to be). They’ve given up being close to family in the states (the Steven’s have sacrificed, too). They’ve foregone good salaries (I’m sure they have debt from their education). Please protect them and direct them, keep them safe, and enable them to touch lives for You as no others can do. Draw them close to You so they will remain true to You in their own hearts and minds.

I think of the Gideon’s and Wycliffe Association who are diligently working to get Your Word to the world.

I pray for the many Christian organizations working in Tibet providing comfort and support to those who have lost so much. I think of the men and women who serve in our armed forces across the globe – help them to be close to You today – protect them, help them to serve You in all they do. I pray for Massey and the Cypress Bible Church (TX) crew as they finish up the house today. I pray that this experience will have a lasting impact on the workers and the homeowners. Be with the crew as they head back home and please keep them safe.

May 25th, Mon, 6:04 am