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Detriments to the Kingdom


Oh my, Father, what a morning! Thank You for helping me! I had forgotten to finish up today’s blog post and You woke me a little earlier and once awake You reminded me to take care of it. I’m so glad that You are there for me!

James 4:1-3 (<<click here)

Reading Your Word, Lord, reminds me of stories from my youth. It makes me think of dwarves mining for treasures! Oh, the nuggets of truth I find; the multi-faceted gems of enlightenment!

Today’s topic is not enjoyable to acknowledge but it most assuredly needs to be addressed. I have a multitude of fond memories of growing up in the church. Even now as I write beautiful faces of wonderful people come to mind. I can recall many events and programs which impacted my life in a very positive way. But unfortunately, it was not all a bed of roses.

The longest we ever lived in one place (my father was my pastor) was three and a half years, I believe. My dad was a dedicated and loving servant of God and while we had many other servants of God with which to work in those churches, there were also many who quarreled and fought much as James refers to in my passage. They wanted what they didn’t have so there was scheming and fighting and quarreling and backbiting and jealousy and heartache. I knew things were happening but I was, for the most part, sheltered from the details. So I am grateful that I really can’t remember faces or particulars. I am blessed to serve in churches where, as a whole, I really don’t have to deal with those detriments to the Kingdom. But I also realize that the body of Christ is still replete with dissension.

Lord, today I would pray for the Church, Your body. Help us to see You… Help us to stop looking out for ourselves and to place our heart, soul, mind and strength at Your feet. Help us to crucify the “old man” the “flesh.” Because that is the issue. That is our problem… and You are the answer. Your love filling us and overflowing from us will bridge all wrongs, will heal all wounds. Your love for us and our love for You creates the aroma that will bring the world to you. Help us to give ourselves over to You. Amen!

Sept 16th, Fri, 6:45 am

Differing Mindsets

Sitting in Your presence this morning this old song came to mind: “Father, I adore You, lay my life before You, How I love You.” It is a simple truth to begin my day, but one laden with profound possibilities.

1 Timothy 6:3-5 (<<click here)

Reading this passage my mind is a swirl with all the opinions and mindsets of this world. Many are quick to proclaim what they hold to be truth and many of those are just as quick to condemn all who do not hold to the same “truth.” What I struggle with, Lord, is… if they read Your Word and I read Your Word and it is the same Word – how can our interpretations be so vastly different?! We cannot all be right.

Lord, I strive to follow You. My daily goal is to read Your Word and to abide by it faithfully. As Paul says here to Timothy, “Some people may contradict our teaching, but these are the wholesome teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ,” v.3

Things I hear, things I read many times just don’t fit – they out and out contradict Your “wholesome teachings” Lord! I pray that you will reveal Your truth to me. Help me to clearly see Your reality. Help me not to bend and twist Your Word so that it fits my mindset – my agenda. Paul speaks the truth when he state that these mindsets “stir up arguments ending in jealousy, division, slander and evil suspicions…” and they “…always cause trouble.”  Boy, do they ever!!

Lord first and foremost I pray that You and You alone would be my source for what truth really is. And as I know that truth that I would live that truth. And when my life intersects with all the other, so called “truths” that I would respond as You would – if they are lost – with love and the utmost of patience and if they are “believers”- with firmness and courage! Help me to be Your ambassador.

Sept 25th, Fri, 5:58 am