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Life on a Stationary Bike

I’ve needed to get back into my routine, Father, so here I am. I am up earlier than I have been recently. I’ve already taken care of couple early morning things and now it is time to give my full attention to You. Father, I would ask that You would enable me to once again get into the habit of this early morning practice. Amen.

As I sit here praying, I cannot help but hear the traffic as it zooms by the house. Many people, already at it earlier than I, are hustling to whatever they must do at this wee hour of the morning. And, of all things, an old song came to mind. Diana Ross sang this as the theme to the 1975 movie Mahogany. The opening lyrics are what came to mind.

Do you know where you’re going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you?
Where are you going to?
Do you know?

Our world never seems to slow down much less stop. School, jobs, responsibilities, sports, kids – the list goes on and on and on. Even when we “retire”, as I’ve heard many say, it seems to get even worse! We may be constantly on the go but “Where are you going to? Do you know?” Quite often life just feels like we are pedaling madly on a stationary bike. We’re wearing ourselves out but getting absolutely nowhere.

A big part of our problem is that we are not going the right direction or maybe it would be better to say that we’re not going for the right reason.

Lord, as You were preparing Your disciples for Your departure, You said that You were “going to prepare a place for [us]” and that “when everything [was] ready, [You would] come and get [us}”. You want us with You! You concluded by saying, “And you know the way to where I am going.”

The Apostle Thomas was quick to reply, “No, we don’t know, Lord…we have no idea where you are going, so how can we know the way?”

And this is the part so many of us miss, or forget…or ignore,

Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” John 14:1-6 (<<click the green)

Lord, only by knowing You can we know where we’re going to. No more guessing, no more hoping in vain that we can get it right. Finally, we can get off that stationary bike for You are our destination. Help us to stay the path. Amen.

Aug 25th, Fri, 6:14 am


Father…this has not been a very good day. Obviously, I am just getting around to writing and it is late. I have been out of it the whole day and have not really gotten much accomplished. It doesn’t help that my cousin is in the ICU in a life or death struggle. Then I received a call this morning that one of the gentlemen from the Liberty Chapel congregation is home after a time in the hospital and hospice has been called in. Then this evening I received a call that You called a wonderful lady from the Beulah congregation home just a few hours ago.

I’m not even sure where to begin. It doesn’t look like this is going to be a very lengthy time of writing but one thing that comes to mind is something I believe You spoke to my heart to share with my cousin’s son. I can’t even begin to imagine what he is dealing with. His mother is fighting for her life and I don’t think she’s even 50 yet and he is just barely in his 30’s. But this is what you led me to share with him last night. I stated that we were praying for him and his family and this is what I typed,

“Your mom weathered so many storms throughout her life and always found her strength in the Lord. This may be her last storm but she has remained faithful (the testimony of her life proclaims that!) and the Lord has been faithful, as well. Cling to the One she found strength in, He will not let you down!”

There is no way that we can see what tomorrow holds – we can’t even see around the corner! All we can do is to cling to You. You are steadfast. I choose to trust in You – no one or no thing is more trustworthy than You.

Here is an excellent post from Our Daily Bread that popped up today – I would think providentially!


Feb 16th, Thurs, 9:00 pm

A Pond of Faith?

How kind and compassionate You are Father. Your love for us is never-ending. It is longsuffering, as well, and so often we are utterly clueless. We surely are not worthy of Your mercy but You extend Your grace to us without limit. May these truths be the driving force behind how I live out my life for You. I can do no less…

James 2:18-26 (<<click here)

Lord, we are saved from our sins by placing our faith in You. We are able to overcome the sin that daily assails us by placing our faith in You. To live victoriously we must place our faith in You – faith is the key.

We exude faith continually in our daily walk with You – but are we a pond of faith or a reservoir of faith? Do we just keep faith to ourselves, maintaining our position with You or, though we have stores of faith, do we use that faith to impact the lives of others?

Quite often I drive by ponds that are poorly maintained. There is life in them but if they are not taken care of, they become more and more stagnant and scummy – green algae takes over and they are covered in it. It comes to the point where they are not much good for anything. Lord, please help me to not allow my faith to be like this.

On the other hand, reservoirs are full of life. They retain water, yes, but it is water constantly at work. The water is constantly coming in but… it is constantly going out, as well. Quite often it is even used to generate power as it passes through – power that impacts the lives of people for miles around.

Lord, may my faith run deep but may I be used of You to impact the lives of those around by the work You do through me. May Your kingdom come as I allow Your will to be done in and through me.

Aug 28th, Sun, 6:40 am

Beautiful Panorama of Life

Father, thank You for Your guiding presence throughout my day yesterday. I was able to get so much done. With the wedding this weekend, I needed to have everything ready to go for Sunday and with Your help it all got taken care of. Please be with us as we travel today. May your presence permeate the rehearsal and the wedding tomorrow. May it be a wonderful uniting of two beautiful souls but may You be gloried from beginning to end. Amen.

Hebrews 11:5-6 (<<click here)

Lord, as I delve more into the ‘faith” chapter and read of individuals who believed Your promises to them though they died before seeing them fully fulfilled, I have to think about my faith.

First, I have to think through what are Your promises to me and what are my hopes and wishes – my expectations. At least for me that’s not necessarily set in black and white.

One thing is for sure, even through my ups and downs, You have been with me. In some ways, my life has not turned out as I expected it to. But…regardless of what I thought, I have a wonderful life! I have far too many blessings to count. My life is not the picture I had anticipated but the good times, the hard times, the gut wrenching times – they have all been used by You to create this beautiful panorama I call my life.

Yes, faith is sometimes believing in the fulfillment of a specific promise but, for me at least, faith is a way of life. It is a mindset that says, “Lord here I am. I trust You. Take what little I have. Use it for Your glory. Take all the pieces and parts and bring into existence the grand masterpiece that You foresee.”

Thank You, Lord, for all You do and all You are!

May 13th, Fri, 6:37 am


Father, I am grateful that I can come before You this morning with “clean hands and a pure heart.” Psalm 24:4 And I wholeheartedly acknowledge that it is only because of Your love and mercy that I can do so. I pray that I will clearly hear Your voice in our time together this morning and then throughout the day. Amen.

Hebrews 8:1-13 (<<click here)

Lord, with Your coming and giving of Yourself in total sacrifice You have established a new covenant with us, one that is put “in our minds” and written “on our hears” v.10. That is a personal, interactive covenant. That surely is the case but why, then, do we want to make it cold and impersonal? We take something that is alive and we do our best to paralyze it. Many have taken this life giving, invigorating covenant and have just sucked the life out of it by making it a list of do’s and don’ts. We externalize it and when we do it that way, we undermine Your work in us and through us.

Your plan, Your desire, is just the opposite! Jesus, You are the Living Word not a dusty tome. You are LIFE! And You infuse us with that life. In doing so we come to life. We are able to become who we were created to be. We are less motivated by rules and regulations and the fear and punishment for failing to fulfill them and instead are motivated by love! Your great love for us results in us having a greater love for You. And when that takes place we begin to desire to follow Your directive not out of obligation but out of that love.

Lord, this day may I be a living expression of Your new covenant!

Mar 31st, Thurs, 6:33 am