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Live It Out

Father, it is very quiet this morning and for so little happening in the half hour, I’ve been up, my mind is darting here and there. Help me to focus on You – not the weather, not the work day ahead, not even church tomorrow. May I focus on You and our relationship and what You would have me hear today.

1 Peter 3:1-6 (<<click here)

Lord, when it comes right down to it our relationship with You is what is most important. Sharing our faith is important but if our relationship with You is wishy-washy how effective will we be? So many times all of our emphasis seems to be on the external when again the internal is of utmost importance.

In this passage, Peter was speaking directly to women. In the culture in which they lived, men, by far, held the dominant role. They were in charge – women had no say. So Peter’s advice to women who came to saving faith in Christ was to live it out. Harping, preaching, nagging, brow beating would only result in problems. Living out “godly lives” would “speak… without any words.” By cultivating their relationship with You, Lord, wives could “win over” their husbands when the husbands observed their “pure and reverent lives.”

Lord, that is sound advice for us all. It seems that many in our culture are becoming more and more intolerant of any reference to You, Jesus. In many situations harping, preaching, nagging and brow beating only results in problems. But a life wholly devoted to You, one in which our goal is to emulate You in every aspect of our lives – that speaks volumes. “Without any words” we are able to proclaim the difference that You make in our lives.

Lord, enable me to “win over” those around me as they observe my “pure and reverent” life. Amen.

Dec 17th, Sat 4:48 am

Pulse of Humanity

I truly need these times together, Father. I would ask that You would burden my heart with the need for consistently doing so. I know You are with me each day but I also realize that daily setting aside some alone time greatly impacts me for that day, as well as, long term. Our time together is crucial for myself and for Your kingdom.

Titus 1:5-9 (<<click here)

Lord, I like that my study Bible* points out that when it comes to leaders in the church that it is more than just skill and knowledge. Paul stresses that character is of utmost importance. “It is important to have leaders who can effectively preach God’s Word; it is even more important to have those who can live out God’s Word and be examples for others to follow.”

Lord, please help me to live out my faith. Help me to not just preach what You lay upon my heart but to truly live it out. You know that I would love to be a full-time pastor but – wisely so – You also know that living my life in the “real” world helps me to keep it real, too. Many important things can be accomplished in my study but real life application is beneficial as well. As I serve bi-vocationally help me to balance the important things. And, Lord, I would also pray for others who proclaim Your Word across this globe. Help them to keep it real. May they have regular opportunity to keep their fingers on the pulse of humanity.

Jan 16th, Sat, 8:35 am

*New Living Translation  Life Application Study Bible