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Getting a later start this morning, Father, but our time together is important as I daily walk with You. Draw me close. Teach me what I need to learn this day. Amen.

Matthew 9:35-38 (<<click the green)

I can’t leave this passage quite yet, Lord. I’ve asked for forgiveness for my obliviousness but these last two verses need to be addressed.

When You saw the crowds. You said to Your disciples, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.”

My study Bible* brings a very important thought to mind, “Many people are ready to give their lives to Christ if someone would show them how. Jesus commands us to pray that people will respond to the need for workers.”

As I reread Your words You command us to pray to God “who is in charge of the harvest” and we are to ask that He “send more workers into his fields.” I then have to pause…and think, “Who are these workers and from where do they come?”

It doesn’t take long to register in my brain that it is me! It is you! The followers of Christ, we are all workers! Does training or experience factor in? That may be helpful but it is by no means necessary! The most important quality in being a worker in God’s fields is…willingness. And if we struggle with that even, I truly believe He will help us with that as well!

Lord, You tell us that people are ready to hear of You and the Good News Your coming gives us. Help us not shy away but to be eager – to be willing – to share You word with all who will hear. Lord, use me to help bring in the harvest. Amen.

*Life Application Study Bible New Living Translation

Mar 14th, 2018, Wed, 9:49 am


Good morning, Father! Thank You for the good night’s sleep and for waking me up so we could spend some time this morning before the day starts moving along. Bless our time together. May I be attentive to Your word!

Matthew 9:35-38 (<<click the green)

Lord, we like to think of ourselves as self-sufficient and independent. Then like most of humanity, we have a tendency to project those attributes on those around us.

When I think of crowds I think of people rushing along busy metropolitan sidewalks beside streets full of bustling traffic and in my mind’s eye, I see them as driven, purposeful, on task to accomplish what needs to be done to maintain their self-sufficiency and independence.

I’m sure that some fit that view but, in reality, how many are “dispirited and distressed”? Truly how many are burdened down with loads of care, no hope, no light at the end of the tunnel.

And what is heartbreaking is that for most, their concern only goes as far as this life. Many have no thoughts beyond death. They have no plans because they don’t really know what, if anything, eternity holds for them.

But what is disturbing is the fact that my first thought, unlike Your’s Lord, is not compassion. I am ashamed to say it is obliviousness. It’s not that I am necessarily apathetic. My eyes take in the masses and…well, that’s about as far as it goes. I can acknowledge their existence but compassion….pity? For the most part the fact that they are “dispirited and distressed, like a sheep without a shepherd” eludes me.

Lord, before I say anything else, please forgive me. Forgive my obliviousness. Please let me see people through Your eyes. And in seeing, I would plead that, as You were, may I be moved with compassion and pity for them.” And, Lord, may I be moved not just because I am a pastor called to Your service but may I be moved because I am Your child and above all else, I want to be like You. Amen.

Mar 13th, 2018, Tues, 6:53 am