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Um…Don’t Ask for Snakes…

Thank You, Father, for a wonderful day! We finally had the opportunity to enjoy some time together celebrating Karen’s birthday after a nice time of worship. Thank You for traveling mercies to and from. Thank You for the blessings of each other.

Matthew 7:9-11 (<<click the green)

Several years ago, when I served as a Children’s Pastor (one of the greatest jobs I have ever had!}, we coordinated a children’s revival with adult revival services. We had a wonderful evangelist and his wife that ministered to us and several children dedicated their lives to Christ!

In one message he gave he addressed the idea of prayer and the three answers God gives us when we pray. He answers – YES, NO or WAIT. Some 20 years later that precept still sticks in my mind – our speaker didn’t just touch the hearts of children.

As I read the study notes in my Bible* they pointed out one of the reasons God says “No.” In Jesus’’ illustration the children ask for good things but “if the children had asked for a poisonous snake, would the wise father have granted their request? Sometimes God knows we are praying for ‘snakes’ and does not give us what we ask for, even though we persist in our prayers. Nor will God give us ‘stones’ or ‘snakes’ instead of what we need.”

I truly believe that there are times when we ask for detrimental things out of ignorance and our wise Father answers accordingly. I also believe there are times when we deliberately ask for things that are outside God’s will for our lives in a lame attempt to justify our sin.

One example that heard a pastor refer to recently in a sermon was an individual who was asking for God’s blessing on an extramarital affair. They were no longer “in love” with their spouse and had found their “true love.” God’s blessing was not to be found.

Lord, we could fit all kinds of examples here. How many times do we do the same thing when we know that it is not within Your will to grant our request. Help us, Lord. May we know Your will and live it out accordingly. And may we not be disheartened when Your answer is, “No” but may we trust You and acknowledge that You truly want what is best for us. Amen.

*Application Study Bible New Living Translation

Feb 11th, 2018, Sun, 7:25 pm

Let Your ‘Yes’ Be ‘Yes,’ and Your ‘No,’ ‘No’

I am grateful, Father, that You are active in my life. Just thinking through last night, I know, I have no doubt whatsoever, that Your hand was upon me. I was up once in the early hours of the night, and then around 2:30 I was wide awake and could not get comfortable in bed – but You were with me! I went to the couch and changed sides a couple times but was not up again until Your gentle call before 6:00 to begin my day. You are at loving Father…and I love You, too!

Matthew 5:33-37 (<<click the green)

Lord, as I sit here pondering Your word one of the first things that popped into my head was prayer. (And I do not believe it was just a random thought!) One of the things I have dealt with over the last couple of years was being true to my word when someone has asked me to pray for a specific need or situation.

Growing up in the church it is almost a knee-jerk reaction when someone requests prayer to answer “yes”. But many times I would say “yes” but later realize that I never did. It wasn’t intentional…it was negligence. I meant to…I wanted to…but I didn’t….

So now when someone asks for prayer, I don’t just say “yes” but I take the time right then and whisper a prayer, and quite often I will pray that the Holy Spirit will enable me to remember to pray later as well.

Just this morning, before sitting down to write, I saw a request for prayer on Facebook. So before I “liked” it and before I commented, I prayed. Saying I will and not doing so accomplishes nothing.

And, Lord Jesus, that’s what You are talking about here in this passage of Scripture – not about prayer specifically but about following through with what we say we will do. This is one of those passages that the wording of the King James Version sticks in my head from my youth. The New King James Version puts the last verse this way,

“…let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ For whatever is more than these is from the evil one.” v37

May I continue to be a man of my word, Lord. When I say “yes” or “no” may others know that that is true through and through. I don’t want to leave them wondering. Amen.\

Nov 14th, Tues, 6:19 am