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A Shredded, Soggy Mess

Good morning, Father. Thank You for our conversation early this morning. May I stay close by Your side. Guide me. Direct me. Protect me. Amen.

Growing up we almost always had a dog. I remember that at least one of them like playing tug-of-war with an old rag or sock. We’d play until it was a shredded, soggy mess. I also remember them taking that old rag in their powerful jaws and viciously shaking their heads back and forth. It was a lot of fun.

This fond memory came to mind as I was thinking of struggles I have had along my journey of faith. Lord Jesus, You know all too well the troubles with which I have dealt.

Many times I have walked along, faithful and true. My shield of faith has helped me deflect many a flaming arrow. But there have been times, too, then my guard has been down, my shield of faith has not been in place and I have been pierced – not just by one but by many flaming arrows. …there is no one to blame but myself.

So what do dogs and flaming arrows have to do with each other?

Many times in my failings I have not so much felt pierced, but I have felt like that shredded, soggy mess of a rag. I have felt like our old adversary has taken me in his powerful jaws and has viciously shaken me in his powerful jaws…my strength and my righteousness nothing but tattered remnants. He laughs… He gloats…

But You, Lord? With eyes full of compassion, You tenderly reach down, gathering me in You mighty arms. You gently touch my wounds and as I have asked for forgiveness for my failings, You graciously bring healing to my brokenness.

I, though I deserve Your condemnation – and I would no defense otherwise – am loved. …thank You, Lord…thank You. Help me to live out each day in grateful devotion. May I lean on You as we share the yoke. You are strong. You are mighty. In You – not in myself – do I find the victory. Amen.

Oct 23rd, Mon, 11:30 pm

I Am a LION!

A brisk morning to come and sit with You, Father, but my heart is warmed by Your presence.

1 John 4:4-6 (<<click here)

“…the Spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world.” v4b

Lord, if we sit and think too long on the rampant evil and wickedness that surrounds us, it is way too easy to become fearful. And if we are not careful we become immobilized. Like turtles, we withdraw into our shells thinking we can just hide from it all.

Now I admit evil and wickedness are way strong that I am…but I am no longer a child of evil and wickedness. I am a child of the Lion of Judah and Your Spirit, oh Lord, lives in me. Evil and wickedness may be stronger than me but You are “greater than the spirit who lives in the world.”

So, Lord, as I look about me, yes it’s scary – it’s overwhelming. But I am not a turtle. I am a LION for I am Yours! And that means, in You, I am brave. In You I am powerful. No matter how much evil make shake the rafters…and may want to shake me, as well, but I will stand firm in the fact that I have peace in You.

You proclaimed in John 16:33,

“Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”

Amen – so be it!

May 8th, Mon, 6:33 am

Angles in Their Place

Thank You, Father, for enabling me to get as much as I got done yesterday. It was a struggle not being able to concentrate and then feeling nauseous. I only got stuff done with Your help.

Hebrews 1:5-14 (<<click here)

Lord, I am grateful for Your provision and a portion of what You have provided is Your holy angels to help us along our way. They work alongside us to accomplish Your will. They are a great asset but Your Word clearly states that we are top dog of Your creation. We are the recipients of salvation because of Your awesome sacrifice – only because of You can we stand in Your presence. And You, Lord, stand above us all. You are God!

And that is how it should be but we, the created, like to think of ourselves too highly and put emphasis where it doesn’t belong. We lift up and worship creation in lieu of the Creator. The recipients of this letter of Hebrews did just that and the author very succinctly shows them, from scripture, the error of their ways.

Even in our culture we have a tendency to place a little too much emphasis on angels. They are powerful and beautiful creatures. But our fixation borders on worship and that is a line not meant to be crossed. They are created beings made to serve and worship You. You also use them to minister to us. Help us to keep things balance as You intended. You are sovereign. You are Lord. Praise Your holy name!

Feb 12th, Fri, 5:18 am