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Prayer of the Righteous

As Your word is before me, Father, I would ask that You open its truths to me. May I glean from it the wisdom You have instilled in it. Implant it in my heart. May it flourish and bear fruit in my life. Amen.

James 5:13-18 (<<click here)

“The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” v16b

The importance of prayer is obvious and as Paul admonishes us, we must “never stop praying.” 1 Thessalonians 5:17 That seems like a formidable task, especially when we think of positions in which we pray – eyes closed and head bowed in church or at home. How can we possibly “never stop praying”? The act of prayer is essential but our position of prayer is fluid.

Lord, You commanded us in Matthew 26:41 “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation.”

Growing up my family made a point of beginning every long distance trip with prayer. We all would bow our heads and close our eyes and my father, our driver, would say that he would, “Watch and pray.”

So in life, we can pray in absolutely any circumstance – anytime, anywhere, with anyone, or all alone. But regardless of the when’s and the where’s, regardless of the position of our bodies, one thing that is of utmost importance is the condition of our souls.

In James’ statement if our prayers are to be effective we must be “righteous” which is a state of being right with God. We must be justified before God – we must be recipients of His forgiveness. To be justified communicates that idea that we are placed in a position in which it can be said that it is “just as if I’d” never sinned.

Lord, if I am to be effective in my prayers for You I must be diligent about keeping myself in right standing before You. Help me to keep myself pure. If I stumble or fall may I immediately ask for forgiveness. May I be the child You need me to be and may my prayers produce “wonderful results.”  Amen.

Oct 10th, Mon, 6:23 am

Pray about Praying

As I looked out this morning and saw the fog, obscuring the world around me, it makes me think, Father, as the warmth of the sun will soon disperse the fog, I would have the loving warmth of Your Son disperse the fog in my heart and mind at this early hour. May I see clearly what you have for me this day. Amen.

James 4:2-3 (<<click here)

“…you don’t have…because you don’t ask God for it. And even when you ask, you don’t get it because your motives are all wrong…”

Prayer. Lord, why do I struggle so with prayer? The deepening of our relationship has surely brought new depth to my prayer life but I still have a lot to learn.

I realize that prayer is a big part of how I communicate with You and how You speak with me, as well. But I read of great prayer warriors of the past who would pray for hours and then would testify to the many great things You did in their lives and in the lives of others. I have to ask, “How did they do that?”

It seems a little odd to pray about praying but I do. I want my prayer life to be effective. Regarding this passage my study Bible* says,

“James mentions the most common problems in prayer: not asking, asking for the wrong things, or asking for the wrong reasons.”

Lord, I don’t have all the answers, for sure, but I would pray, first of all, that I would remember to pray. May praise be in my heart and on my lips for the many blessings You bestow. May my prayers be pleasing to You – things that will bring myself and others closer to You and closer to fulfilling Your kingdom goals in the world around us. And then may my motives be pure… It’s hard to not selfishly pray that ones we love will not be taken from us or that they will not have to suffer, through pain and loss. Those things can draw us closer to You. Yet sometimes Your healing touch brings great glory to your name.

Grant me a discerning spirit. Give me boldness to claim Your blessing. But through it all may I be humble and grateful for all You do. Amen.

Sept 19th, Mon, 6:28 am

*Life Application Bible New Living Translation

You Are the Rudder

Father, daily I am enjoying the book of Puritan prayers loaned to me by a dear friend. May this portion of today’s reading be my prayer.

Thou hast loved me everlastingly, unchangeably,
               may I love thee as I am loved;
            Thou hast given thyself for me,
               may I give myself to thee;
            Thou hast died for me,
               may I live to thee,
                  in every moment of my time,
                  in every movement of my mind,
                  in every pulse of my heart.
May I never dally with the world and its allurements,
               but walk by thy side,
                  listen to thy voice,
                  be clothed with thy graces,
                  and adorned with thy righteousness.

Lord, oh what a life I would have if I were able to live it this way. Following You is not boring. It is not out of touch with the reality of life. It is not about avoiding contact with the world.

It is living life to its fullest. You are the rudder that keeps the ship of my life headed to the correct port instead of just aimlessly floating about with no direction whatsoever. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for all that You do and all that You are. May I stay the course and daily remain at Your side. Amen.

Aug 17th, Wed, 7:23 am

Communing with You

Oh, the complexity of the human brain, Father! Many times in our coming together it has taken great effort to reign in my thoughts…and today is one of those days. Some days I have enough forethought to not let other thoughts or images to crowd in on the task at hand. Regardless of what state my brain is in Father, You can pierce through all and help me to focus on the most important goal of each morning…listening to what You have to say to me and abiding in Your presence. Thank You, Father, for redeeming my thoughts and my time.

Quite frequently in recent weeks I have felt drawn to prayer in our time together. It is of great benefit to me but I have my no means mastered it. I am improving but my mind still wanders and it is not deliberate by I’m sure that I doze off on occasion. But, Lord, You are patient. You love me and encourage me to keep at it. I read of men like George Mueller and how greatly he impacted the world through prayer and desire to follow in their footsteps. Lord, use me.  Help me to diligently pursue You, to continually be at the privilege of communing with You so as to do Your will every moment of my life.

The world so desperately needs You – may I be a willing tool in Your hand. Amen.

Apr 19th, Tues, 5:32 am


Dear Father, I didn’t realize until after I was up that I had slept clear through the night! Thank You! Its things like that that helps me to feel Your love for me. Some may say, “You were just really tired.” Or “Your body didn’t need to get up” but I don’t buy that for a moment it was a gift from my loving Father.

And that’s not all. My God has been so faithful to wake me each morning, and I have obediently risen now for 42 days in a row! He also gave me a little extra today – 30 minutes more to be exact. He loves me in the little things, too!

But that is still not all! When I woke it was from a beautiful dream. A little over 3 weeks ago I was able to write the names of newborn twin girls on my prayer list. I knew their mother when I served as Children’s Pastor several years ago, she was in middle school then. Lord, she has grown up to be a wonderful Christian woman. She and her husband serve as medical missionaries with their two young boys. But I digress…:)

Back to my dream…we were in a public setting and this young lady was there. We were talking along with some friends and family and I know Facebook has a multitude of goods and bad but we were sharing how it helps us pray for each other and before you knew it we were crying together and she sweetly gave me a hug. And that’s when I awoke. There are tears in my eyes just writing it down. Of course, before crawling out of bed, I prayed for her and the girls and her boys and husband as well.

I felt prompted to write all this simply for the reason that being a part of God’s family is such a wonderful thing! I literally haven’t seen this young lady in over 16 years. And even then we did not have any regular interactions – she was just a sweet teen that was a part of my church family. But she and I and so many others are a part of Your family, Lord, and we are so blessed that You have given us each other. We have innumerable brothers and sisters around the globe. Most I do not know, but many I do. Some I pray for each and every day.

Lord, I am so grateful that You love me. And one of the things You have taught me on our journey together is if someone asks me to pray for them, I don’t just say I will – I do! When someone out of the blue comes to mind, when others ask for prayer in person or on Facebook, or wherever! Say a prayer. When the Apostle Paul encourages us to “pray without ceasing” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 NASB this is what he meant. We all need to pray because we all surely need it. Thank You, Lord for prompting me to pray. Thank You for others who pray for me. And thank You for interceding for me as well…

“As for me, I will certainly not sin against the Lord by ending my prayers for you.“ 1 Samuel 12:23a NLT

Mar 2nd, Wed, 5:44 am