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Overcoming the Impossible

Father, thank you for helping me get to sleep this morning. When my thoughts turned to You I was finally able to do so.

Philippians 2:12-13

Lord, I am so glad that You have directed my life in these ways. I realize I am far from perfect but You have done miraculous things in my life. I give credit to You because I can see You working in me. You truly have given me the desire and power to do what pleases You in my life. And it is my prayer each and every day that it will continue to be so. Help me to be obedient and faithful, to listen attentively and to be what you want me to be.

May 19th, Tues, 6:35 am

Life in a Bubble

Father, help me to make the most of our time together this morning. As I open Your word, speak to me. I open my heart and mind to You. (Sorry for the FB tangent…You’ve got my undivided attention now.)

Philippians 1:27-30

Unity – standing strong – spread the Good News – not intimidated by enemies – persevere in struggles

(This is why Facebook and replying to texts [even from Mom] need to wait – my brain is rolling but not in the right direction!)

I know I’ve had struggles but looking back on them even all the pastoral transitions seem so small. Sometimes it seems that I’ve lived in a bubble. I’m not complaining whatsoever, Lord. You have surely blessed me and my family.  Help us all to never forget where those blessings have come from. We didn’t earn it, we didn’t deserve it. It wasn’t a reward for perfection (for we surely aren’t!) All the praise goes to You, Lord! Thank you for Your watch-care and Love!

I realize that this morning I got distracted and didn’t listen when You called to come together (forgive me) but I am grateful that You spoke yesterday and You enabled me to respond and act. Thank You for the privilege of praying with and encouraging a gentlemen from church in so much pain (please touch him, Lord!) and for encouraging me to speak with a friend at work (help her to come to You to stand strong in You, to defeat the enemy of pain and hurt and the struggles of life so big for a lady her age. Touch her today, Lord, let her know of Your love and care in a tangible way.)

Help me to be more attuned to You each and every day!  Love You!!

May 15th, Fri, 7:50 am