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A Trumpet Blast!

What a nice day it has been, Father! Thank You for Your hand it all of it!

Revelation 1:10-11(<<click green)

It began just like any other Lord’s Day, I am sure. John, being in exile, probably didn’t have anyone else with which to worship. And as we tend to do as we get older, he probably had got himself into a routine. I can imagine him sitting quietly, eyes closed, maybe with his hands folded in his lap. Normal…peaceful…quiet…and then BAM! – the stillness is shattered by a voice so loud that John compares it to “a trumpet blast.”

I learned to play the trumpet in 5th Grade and played a brass instrument of some sort through my freshman year in college and from experience I can say, it is not known for its quietness! For many years brass instruments have played a prominent role in the military life. I checked out the Army Music website and there is a daily sequence of 25 potential bugle calls! (I clicked on several of them and surprisingly I knew many of them.) Trumpet blasts get our attention! And that is what the “Son of Man” did.

Lord, You quickly got John’s undivided attention and Your voice itself resounded like a trumpet blast – ATTENTION! You had a very important task for him and You had no intention of him missing a single bit of information. You had a message for “the seven churches” and John was going to make sure it got to where it needed to get to!

Lord, often we are timid about communicating Your directives. Much of the time we are quiet when we should be proclaiming Your message with great vim and vigor! People all around us are dying without knowing who You are. We cannot hold back. May we be forward! May we boldly proclaim Your salvation! May we parlay Your word with a mighty “trumpet blast” for all to hear – ATTENTION! May we not let You down!

June 14th, Wed, 10:51 pm


Thank You, Father, for such a good day yesterday. It was a good day at work, with a luncheon served to supervisors by our management team. I enjoyed spending time with Karen running a few errands AND we picked Massey up at the airport for Christmas break! A great ending to a great day! Thank You, Father, for Your many blessings!

2 Timothy 4:1-2 (<<click here)

”preach the word of God.” – motivated by the fact that we all will stand to be judged by God

“patiently”– everything we do – “correct, rebuke and encourage” must be done with patience – love being implied

Lord, what a call to ministry! Timothy was being admonished by Paul, as am I. Timothy was a faithful pastor, as am I. But, Lord, this is not just a call to pastors. Jesus, You said that we all are to be Your witnesses “…to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8) At that moment You were speaking to Your disciples but Your Great Commission is for us all. We are believers today because Timothy and thousands like him were faithful to their mission. And it is vital that we also spread the Good News. My Study Bible* states, “Half the people who have ever lived are alive today, and most of them do not know Christ.” What a task we find before us! Lord, may we all willingly, and enthusiastically answer Your call to proclaim You to our world. And, Lord, may we be patient, though diligent, in everything we do – loving people with the love only You can provide!

Dec 22nd, Tue, 8:52 am

Cannot Be Chained!

Father, thank You for the ability to get so much done yesterday. Preparations for Sunday are almost complete. I would ask that I and everyone that will be in attendance would be open to hear Your voice, to listen to what You have to say and to act as You call each of us.

2 Timothy 2:8-10 (<<click here)

Lord, in this passage Paul once again proclaims the Gospel – the Good News – that You came to this earth to set things right.

You came to make it possible for humanity and God to be in right relationship – to tear down the wall of sin that separates us. And only because You gave Yourself in Your entirety – giving Your very life! – was this accomplished. Praise Your name!!

Paul may have been in chains for his proclamation but he made it very clear that the word of God cannot be chained.” v9b Humanity tries to control it, tries to tie it down, tries to limit it, to box it in. But, praise to Your, O Lord, it “cannot be chained”! We have fought against Your word from day one, but it has never been conquered. You and You alone, have been victorious. And because of it humanity has found its salvation – only in You!

Thank You, Lord, for loving us in spite of who we are. Thank You for believing in us and seeing who we were meant to be. Thank You for sharing with us Your strength and wisdom and tenacity so that we, too, can be victorious! AMEN!

Nov 6th, Fri, 5:48 am

Balance Law with Love

Dear, precious Father, I am so grateful that You made it possible for us to have a personal, intimate relationship. That You would love me so much to pursue me even after my habitual unfaithfulness to You is astounding. Only because of Your love for me can I remain faithful to You. Sin continues to entice me and will do so throughout the rest of my life but with Your strength and wisdom I am victorious! Praise Your Holy Name!

1 Timothy 1:1-11 (<<click here)

Lord, this passage has my head spinning! Help me focus onto what You would have me see this morning.

Paul says “the law is good when used correctly.” v8 It is important for me to know the law, gaining knowledge of right and wrong but it is to my detriment (and others for that matter)  if a majority of my time is consumed in such pursuits. It’s possible that I can invest too much time in dissecting and discussing minute points of the law.

Again it’s important to know the law. But Paul stresses that “the law was not intended for people who do what is right. It is for people who are lawless and rebellious, who are ungodly and sinful…” v9a

My goal is to be “filled with love that comes from a pure heart, a clear conscience, and genuine faith.” v5 I am called to live out that love and to proclaim “the glorious Good News of salvation through Christ – through You, Lord!

Being so “law” minded seems to lead us to be too legalistic and judgmental in our interactions with the world – with those who the law is for. But not one of us likes to be berated about our lifestyles and our life choices.

The old adage comes to mind. “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” Lord, help me to love others as You love others. Help me to invest myself in them. Help me to be a reflection of You in their lives – genuine, wholesome, transparent, loving, truthful compassionate. Lord, shine through me!

Without a doubt I believe that You love us. Every encounter recorded in the Gospels (the Good News) that you had with sinners was filled with compassion and understanding. You told them the truth but it was always communicated with love! You didn’t say their sin was acceptable but your overwhelming emphasis was true, genuine LOVE! Use me, Lord, to love like You do!

August 22nd, Sat, 7:50 am