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Do We Need a Go-Between?

Father, I’m sorry that it’s been so long. With last week’s schedule being so crazy I just didn’t make it. I ask for Your forgiveness for transgressions along the way and ask for Your strength and fortitude in the days ahead. Thank You for a wonderful day of worship yesterday. May Your hand be upon me as we prepare for this Sunday and the weeks ahead. Amen.

1 Peter 2:5b-10

“… you are a chosen people… royal priests…”

It’s easy to think that the person behind the pulpit each Sunday has some kind of special link to God and, Lord, that is true. But there is one big misconception that must be set aright. The person behind the pulpit does have a special connection to You, Lord, but no more so than any other believer! All who choose to follow You, we are all chosen people.

Once again one of my favorite verses comes to mind. Ephesians 1:4 says,

“Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes.”

Every single one of us is chosen! We are all dearly loved by God. His desire is to have an intimately close and personal relationship with each and every one of us!

We have this mindset that we can’t come directly into Your presence but that we must have a mediator. We think a pastor or a priest must be our “go-between” to You, Lord. But that is most assuredly not the case! Your word tells us clearly that we are “royal priests”, a “royal priesthood”, and we can come directly to You anytime and anywhere – no “go-between” necessary.

Lord, may we all come boldly (and reverently) into Your presence! Draw us to You. Give us a deep yearning to be with You. Teach us. Help us. Strengthen us. Correct us. Love us. And help us to fully realize that love. Amen

Nov 28th, Mon, 5:16 am


As I sit here, Father, I wonder what You have in store for me this day. Certain elements are planned but in actuality I realize that every moment is under Your control. Use me this day. May I be attentive to Your voice, may I be obedient to Your direction, may I be an overflowing vessel of Your love. Amen.

2 Timothy 2:15 (<<click here)

The last couple of days at work have been trying, busy enough to not really get in to any big projects but no so busy to not allow for a few lulls. Lord, I am grateful for Your abiding presence that reminded me to stop playing with my phone and to focus on the task at hand. I had a job to do and was being paid, not to entertain myself, but to faithfully do my job. I’m also grateful that You are my motivator. In those times my mind goes to You – not my managers – thinking that I need to get back at it. Everything I do reflects on You. My heart’s desire is to please You. And again I am so grateful that I hear Your voice. I truly want to be obedient, for my goal is Your approval.

And more important than any day at Kohl’s is the responsibility I will shoulder this morning. Lord, direct my heart and mind as I fulfill Your calling on my life as Your instrument of teaching to Your people. May I be Your minister throughout this morning – not just in the pulpit. Help me to be attentive of Your will as I am getting ready and dressed, as I eat breakfast, as I drive to each church, when I get out of the van, as I greet others, as I set up, as I sing, as I pray, as I sit and when I stand to proclaim Your word. I pray that I will “be a good worker…who correctly handles the word of truth“ not just at church, or Kohl’s but every moment of my life.

Nov 8th, Sun, 6:32 am

Perfect Harmony

I am so grateful, Father, for Your felt presence in my daily life. As I shared last night at Bible Study, it is wonderful to hear You and to act upon Your direction…but those times seem few and far between. And Father I know it’s not that You don’t speak – it is that I don’t listen and I don’t feel that I am ignoring You for the most part but it’s the fact I am so caught up in the routines of life that I don’t hear You. Father, my heart’s desire is to hear You. Draw me closer to Your heart. Tune my heart strings so that when You speak they resonate with Your words.

1 Timothy 4:16 (<<click here)

What an admonition this is, O Lord!

“Keep a close watch on how you live and on your teaching. Stay true to what is right for the sake of your own salvation and the salvation of those who hear you.”

Lord, I feel pretty strongly about what I believe to be true and it is important that I do so. But, Lord, I would plead with You that I would always be true to You. Help me to never move beyond correction. It is weighty enough to think how erroneous belief on my part could jeopardize our relationship, Lord, but if what I held to be true was wrong and I taught that to be truth, how many others could possibly be led astray. O Lord help me to stay true – do whatever it takes to bring me in line if I ever hold to a lie or for that matter even if I am treading on shaky ground. As a shepherd of Your flock help me to be ever attentive to You, the Great Shepherd of Your people.

And, Lord, it’s easy to just apply this to a pulpit mindset but it needs to encompass every part of my life. I have just as much responsibility to my family, friends and work associates as I do my churches.

In my prayer time a hymn came to mind and it keeps coming back to me. “Come, Thou fount of every blessing, Tune my heart to sing that grace…” Lord, please keep me in perfect harmony with You so I may truly and clearly proclaim Your grace to all!

Sept 15th, Tue, 6:24 am

Prayer Struggle

Father, You have blessed me with so many wonderful things, family being one of them I am so grateful to have people in my life who love me and care for me. And I am also grateful that I can love and care for them as well. We are blessed to have each other. We accept each other (for the most part) for who we are – warts and all. Thank You for Your wonderful blessing of family.

2 Thessalonians 1:11-12 (<<click here)

Lord, no matter which way we look at it prayer is foundational in our daily walk with You – or at least it most certainly should be! I must confess I struggle to pray. If You would have me evaluate myself, the place where I have the most opportunity for growth and improvement would be my prayer life. I have made some headway in latter months but I know I can go much deeper and wider in my intimate interaction with You. I realize prayer is more than “grace” before meals and praying from the pulpit. These are very important, as well, but if my personal prayer life isn’t what it should be every aspect of my life is inhibited.

How can I effectively pray asking You to “enable [others] to live a life worthy of [Your] call.” v11a if I struggle with prayer? I can only be more effective by persevering. I cannot give up! I benefit myself and others by that perseverance.

Help me, Lord, to do so that You will give me the “power to accomplish all the good things [our] faith prompts [us and others] to do.” v11b Then only because of Your grace in our lives will Your name “be honored because of the way [we] live…” v12a

Lord, help me to be drawn to You throughout the moments of my day.

August 18th, Tues, 5:49 am