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Father, this has been a crazy week. Thank You for enabling Karen and I to get so much done. But it has sure worn me out! Thank You for watching over us and for the much needed extra sleep. Help me, as we come together this morning, to hear what You have to say.

Hebrews 12:5-11 (<<click here)

Discipline… some like the word, but many frown when they hear it. Those who dislike it associate it with images of being made to do something we don’t want to do or being corrected (dare I say punished!?) in regards to something we were doing wrong or for something we were dong incorrectly. Those who “like” it, if you will, are those who understand the benefits of discipline. If we are to attain a set goal it takes discipline. In life self-discipline factors in but quite often a coach or a teacher is necessary – one with knowledge and experience will help push us to even greater heights.

Lord, its’ a fact You discipline us. But even more important is the fact that You love us! You know us to the core – our weaknesses and our tendencies but You know what we can be. You know what You created us to be. And, for the most part, it’s more than we are now and more than we will be if it is left up to us.

Lord, You discipline me because You love me. Help me heed Your direction. Help me to embrace it. Help me to learn from it. Enable me to be what You created me to be.

June 3rd, Fri, 7:35 am

Evil for Evil…NOT!

I lay this day in its entirety in Your hands, Father. There are many elements in it that are unknown. Some are beyond my control. I trust You. May You receive glory whatever the outcome. Use me however You deem best. Fill me with Your love. May I be gracious but may I also stand for what is right. If need be may I be discerning enough to know when I need to fight or submit. Please guide me according to Your will. Amen. So be it!

1 Thessalonians 5:15 (<<click here)

“no…evil for evil” “do good”

Lord, this is really a very simple concept but is definitely counter culture! Our knee jerk reaction is to respond in like manner – you hurt me, I hurt you! (worse if possible!) But that reaction is totally, without question not You. You, the Creator of all that is, almighty (emphasis on the all) God have every reason to punish Your rebellious (putting it very mildly) creation. And pointedly our punishment is death and rightly so. The Bible is replete with accounts where Your punishment was meted out and in every instance it was justified. But also in every instance punishment was preceded by innumerable attempts at reconciliation! You’re patient and oh so longsuffering. Thank You for Your unsurmountable love!

Ultimately You came to teach us and love us face to face and our response was to return evil for love, ultimately nailing You to a cross… Reason for retaliation? Definitely! But did You? No!! You’re the very epitome of LOVE!  Evil… for evil is not even an option!

Lord, help me to overcome my tendencies to give evil for evil. I am not a vengeful person but I do have a temper and only You can help me temper that temper. May every molecule of my being radiate Your love! May it control my actions and my words in every situation, no matter how difficult. Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace. Enable me to “do good to all people.” With Your power and wisdom and love, I can do it!

July 31st, Fri, 6:44 am