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Thank You, Father, for loving me so much! Thank You for holding on and not giving up on me. You know me through and through and still, You cherish me… Thank You, Father…

Revelation 3:5 (<<click the green)

When I was younger I struggled with remaining faithful to You, Lord, every moment of every day. In my mind, I had this picture of my name written in Your Book of Life and every time I failed You I imagined my name being erased. We all know what happens in you erase the same spot on a piece of paper too many times – a hole is worn in that spot. That’s what I thought my spot in the Book of Life looked like – a hole where my name had been.

As I’ve journeyed long with You these many years I have come to realize that that is not how You work. And once again, my opening thoughts connect perfectly with what You have given me this day. You are patient. You are loving. Your greatest desire is for me to be victorious.

Only if I would throw it all away, only if I would spurn Your love and utterly turn my back on You would my name be erased – blotted out – from Your Book of Life. You would never cast me aside.

Lord, this day as every day, I give myself over to You – to Your will, to Your wisdom, to Your strength, to Your love. Only there am I secure…safe for all eternity. Thank You, Lord, my Redeemer, Savior, and Friend.

July 23rd, Sun, 7:09 am

Lying in Bed

Father, thank You for Your love. Thank You for being who You are – God Almighty! As I lie in bed last night I was overcome with fear and anxiety. Sadness enveloped me. Multiple factors contributed to my state of mind. As we lay there, I shared some of my thoughts with Karen and after a bit she basically said that we can’t let “what ifs” control our lives for we don’t know what will be.

Father, You – and only You – know what the future holds. No matter how terrifying it may become You will be victorious. Like it or not, the world in which we live is of own making. And we must live with the repercussions of our actions. We must shoulder the blame. You will help us through it but You are not the one to blame. You have guided and directed us as to what we should do and where we should go but we have disobeyed Your directives. We have been fearful. We have been apathetic. We have been lazy. You have warned us but we have not heeded the warning.

Men like Isaiah and Daniel show us there is no such thing as too little too late. Father, may I be a man of courage – not relying on myself, but on You. Lying in bed last night, I gave my fear, my anxiety and my sadness over to You. You are my God. You are my Redeemer. Regardless of what I must go through, those statements – those realities – will not change. Evil may think it has the upper hand. It may win some battles. It will have it’s day. But it will be defeated! The Lord of Heaven’s Armies has already won the war! Nothing can and no one will be able to stand before You! Every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that You and you alone are God! (Romans 14:11)

I rest in You , Father – I will not be debilitated but I will be determined to follow You – whatever the cost! Amen – so be it!

Dec 7th, Mon, 4:42 am