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Portraying Christ

Father, there is absolutely nothing like this time of the morning together. It is just me and You. May I cherish every moment. May I hang on Your every word. May those words be “hidden… in my hear that I might not sin against You.” Psalm 119:11

Titus 2:9-10 (<<click here)

Lord, this passage is applicable in today’s workplace. My work ethic and how I interact with my store’s leadership team reflects directly on You. They know who I am and know that I am a follower of You. I cannot control preconceived notions of what they think that means but it is my responsibility to live my live in such a way that You are portrayed in such a way that they are drawn to the idea of having a relationship with You and are not repulsed by it.

I must admit it is a constant battle. The tedium of everyday life makes it a challenge. I know You care about this aspect of my life in that I feel Your nudges to focus and be productive. I feel Your encouragement to love others as You would, even if they are bothersome or simply hard to love.

As I sit here thinking on it may love be the driving factor in how I do my job. May I think of Your love for me and may that result in my loving You and wanting to please You in everything I do.

Jan 27th, Wed, 6:54 am

God with Us

“Emmanuel” – God with us (Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 1:23)

“For ‘Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.’

But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?”  Romans 10:13-14

Lord, when you came to earth You gave us a wonderful gift – You gave us the gift of Yourself. And that statement is not trivial or trite or shallow. It is deep with meaning. Giving Yourself to us means You held absolutely nothing back. You are not distant or unapproachable. You are loving and compassionate. You want to be a big part of our lives. You want to be with us through the joy and the sorrow.

We can experience snippets of this kind of relationship with spouses, close friends and family…possibly. And we are so benefited by those connections. But our relationship with You takes it to a whole other level! You are not inhibited by weakness or selfishness…or death. You are there for us every moment of our lives!

Your gift of Yourself also made it possible for us to have a relationship with You. Sin separated us but because of Your sacrifice sin is eradicated and we can now approach a hold God without fear or being eradicated ourselves – sin and holiness cannot mix!

Emmanuel…what a wonderful gift with such wonderful benefits! For as Paul stated in Romans 10:13, For ‘Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.’” But as we continue reading in verse 14 we see that there is a problem.

“how can they call on him…unless they believe…and how can they believe… if they have never heard…and how can they hear…unless someone tells them?”

We cannot share the gift of Emmanuel until we give the gift of ourselves to others as well. Only when we invest ourselves in others will we be able to impact them.in many instances, only when they see Your love lived out through us will be convinced of its reality.

Lord, how many people do I see every day who are hurting, who are lonely, whose life has no meaning and they wander aimlessly with no direction whatsoever. Just this week I looked into the eye of a small child. I don’t really know his mother but I know of her and as far as I know dad is not in the picture. He said, “Hi,” as little ones will and even in that short amount of contact I could feel him reaching out to me. I may be reading a lot in to it but with that little phrase and those piercing eyes, he seemed to be asking, “Do you like me? Will you love me? Would you have time for me?”

How many people, Lord…how many do I see who long to ask those questions? But they hold back. They have been so shoved down for so long that they don’t even think to ask any more.

And, Lord, we both know that I cannot meet those needs…at least not for long. Life moves on…death is inevitable. But Lord, You are more than able to do so! Lord, give me the wisdom as how to “tell them” about You…to give them real hope in someone who is not inhibited but one who is all powerful…in someone who will always be with them…in someone who knows all about them but loves them anyway! Lord, help me to proclaim, “Emmanuel!”

Dec 24th, Thurs, 8:42 am

Reign It In!

Father, I’ve struggled the last couple of days and this morning I call out to You. I need Your strength and determination to keep me set apart for You. I admit I am weak. I am fallible. I have not “crashed and burned” but even playing with fire can lead to catastrophe. I am dependent upon You Father. Only in You can my striving for holiness be fulfilled. Praise Your Holy Name because of Your faithfulness, love and patience!

1 Timothy 2:8 (<<click here)

Lord, if we are to have a growing relationship, prayer has to have a very prominent place. If I don’t listen to You, if I don’t speak with You, I am directionless. Trying to make progress on my spiritual journey without prayer, is like going on vacation out of state and not using a map or taking advantage of the benefits of a GPS or even stopping to ask for directions! I’d never see the things I wanted to see unless I stumbled over them by plain, dumb luck.

Lord, I need You. I am dependent upon You. Only You can put all the pieces together to form the masterpiece that You have in mind. But I have to listen and pay attention.

As Paul reminds me in this morning’s passage, I have to be careful not to obstruct my times of prayer as well. I am called to pray but I must be “free from anger and controversy.” My mind is already too easily distracted but add anger and controversy into the mix and absolutely no headway is made. Unfortunately when something ticks me off, prayer most often is the last thing on my mind. Lord, first of all, please help me to curtail my anger. But when I do get angry help me to see Your face – to feel Your presence so that I can quickly rein it in. I would ask for You to guide me – not my anger. Amen.

September 2nd, Wed, 7:02 am

Needed in the Trenches

Father I sure didn’t like missing our time together the last couple of days. But I do thank You for better sleep last night even with a couple of interruptions. (I do pray for the little girl that was abducted late last night.) Help this to be a good day – good in that I will let my light shine for You in how I live and interact with others.

Philippians 2:1-11

Lord, as I live out my life in relationship with You, may I become more and more like You each and every day. Enable me to sacrificially give of myself in serving others. My work, even my work of the church will get done. Please help me to balance it out with hands on ministry to people. Regularly I proclaim that as Your followers that our living that out has to involve more than the hour a week that we spend together behind those four walls. Part of that is daily spending time with You and I am so grateful for our time together but I truly believe that I am also called to minister physically to those in need. No more excuses about lack of time, I must set aside time. Time is there, it boils down to how I use it. You need me to be Your hands and I can’t do that from home. Yes, You can and have used me via text and phone but You need me in the trenches as well. Prompt me to do so and help me to heed Your call!  Thank You for Your love and direction!!

May 18th, Mon, 6:00 am


Honoring (All) Parents

Sometimes my bed feels awfully good but more and more I just don’t want to miss this time with You, Father! May this always be the case; that is my heartfelt prayer!! I need this time together, I am dependent on it! Please, Father help me to make the most of it. Speak to me and help me hear Your direction, help me to act on it, help me to retain Your Word, help it to be something that infuses my day, please help it to impact everything else I do , say or think! Father, I am Yours to use as You will. I hold nothing back! Thank You, Father!

Ephesians 6:1-4 (<- click here)

Lord, this passage speaks to me on two fronts this morning, first honoring parents. My New Living Translation Application Study Bible notes say that “honoring” means to respect and love. With my parents – no problem but looking at other people’s parents – it’s much more complicated. And being a pastor and working in retail I see all kinds of parents. The dynamics of other couple’s relationships affects my perception of them. And of course, that can directly affect my relationships, too. The only way for me to address this mindset is to plead with You to allow me to see other couples through Your eyes. To love them, as You do. If that means I need to address certain aspects of their relationship – so be it. If that means I say nothing – then so be it. Lord, help me to be what You want me to be in my relationship with them. Also, change how I respond in my relationships in that regard as well; help me to not be negative about other people’s relationships when interacting in my personal relationships. Quite often people I love know what it’s like and don’t need me literally adding insult to injury – help me to pray for others when situations arise and to let those I love know that that will be my course of action from now on, with Your help and direction.

Secondly, I owe Massey an apology.  It’s weird but two things stick in my mind as I read about not “provoking” him – RISK and matches. He and I have talked of this some but I need to make sure they are addressed from a spiritual perspective in regards to my relationship with him. I know my actions had a direct influence on him – they have in part, made him who he is. To a certain extent that might have had a positive reaction but more so it has probably affected him adversely. What’s been done can’t be undone but Lord, please, help me to continue to improve our relationship (which You have already done great things for several years!) and only if and when You direct, please help me to address these failing of my fathering.

May 7th, Thurs, 6:09 am