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They’re Just Leaves…Right?

So many times today, Father, I felt Your presence – affirming, directing, correcting. I am grateful that You are ever by my side. Whatever comes my way I am not alone. All praise goes to You, Almighty God!

Matthew 5:23-24 (<<click the green)

Yesterday, I realized water was backing up in the large drainage ditch the cuts through our property. I figured that leaves were the culprit. We have lots of trees, hence lots of leaves. So I put on my big rubber boots, got my handy dandy rake and headed back to check things out.

Leaves were for sure part of the problem but a fallen tree and several chunks of wood were greatly restricting the flow or water trying to get through. After some tugging and pulling and a fair amount of raking, the water was released and the backup was cleared.

Relationships are so important, especially as followers of You, Lord Jesus…and this directive from You proves that point. Every time I read this passage of Scripture, it makes me pause and think. We hear You speak of loving and forgiving each other quite often but that’s not what You are saying here. This is another perspective entirely. We are challenged to look at our relationships from the viewpoint of others, not just our own.

Putting this into a modern day mindset, if we are interacting with You and we are working on our end to draw closer to You and we “suddenly remember that someone has something against [us] we are to stop right where we’re at and “Go and be reconciled to that person.” Then, as the Message translation stresses, “and only then”, are we to come back to working on our relationship with You.

Do I do this, Lord? Do I even think about it? If I do think about it, do I just sweep past it? If I just ponder on it for a bit, it can become really complicated. Most translations narrow the field a little in specifying that that “someone” You are referring to is a “friend” or a fellow “brother” or “sister” in our relationship with You. It would be overwhelming to try to remember our interactions with every person we encounter. But we must also keep in mind the Apostle Paul’s admonition. “Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone.” Romans 12:18

So what are we talking about then? There’s no way we can know what other people are thinking but it is quite often obvious if someone has a “grudge” (MSG) or “a grievance or legitimate complaint” (AMP) against us. Again, it’s about relationship.

How often do we let “leaves” accumulate in our relationships? How are a few “leaves” going to hurt anything, right? But anything that restricts the “flow” of our relationships with others is a problem. Sometimes when we check things out, we find that it is more than just “leaves”. Sometimes we find bigger things that must be dealt with if we are going to clear the backups in our relationships.

Lord, help us to keep clear our relationships with others so that our relationship with You is unhindered as well. Amen.

Nov 7th, Tues, 7:41 pm

Peace on Earth

Good morning, Father! Thank You so much for the wake-up call! Your love never ceases to amaze me!

Such love, such wondrous love!
Such love, such wondrous love!
That God should love a sinner such as I,
How wonderful is love like this!                      ~ C. Bishop

Lord, as Karen and I sat down last night after a full day I introduced her to an a cappella ensemble of singers whom I have come to love. Their name is Voctave. We enjoyed listening/watching several of their songs on YouTube. One, in particular, touched me. Technically it is a Christmas song but its message rings true throughout the year. “This Is My Wish / Let There Be Peace on Earth” is its title (click on it to listen).

I know Your heart breaks, too, Lord, as You look across the world You so lovingly created and You see what we do to each other – the anger, the hatred, the violence, the back biting, the discord – it just never ends. It is rampant. And it is everywhere…even the church…

This past week’s events in Manchester come to mind – innocent people falling victim to distorted mindsets. My heart aches for all those whose lives have too quickly come to an end and their families who are left carry their loss for the rest of their lives.

We want peace. We strive for peace…but it is illusive. The enemy of our souls is about division, not unity. And peace will not come until he is vanquished once and for all. Peace in the here and now is found only in You and peace for all eternity is found only in You.

The Apostle Paul admonishes us in Romans 12:18,

“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”

Lord, may this be my prayer. May I also pray with St. Francis of Assisi, “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.” Use me to touch Your world today. Amen.

May 26th, Fri, 5:06 am