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Father, I am grateful for Your hand upon my shoulder this day. You helped me get through so much as I prepped for Sunday’s services and now I have time to review and double check things. I pray now for Your blessings upon our time together. Amen.

Matthew 7:7-8 (<<click the green)

If there is anything that I have learned on this journey which we began together more than 2 years ago, Lord, is that persistence is an absolute necessity. I have purposely left nominal Christianity behind but I am not perfect. I can go for long periods of time and have no major issues in our relationship but then, BAM, I fall flat on my face.

I have learned that, though disappointing, when I fall it does not mean that I must go back to the beginning. I do not have to start from scratch. I must “keep on asking…[and] seeking…[and] knocking” for I know I “will receive what [I] ask for.” I “will find” what I am seeking. And in knocking “the door will be opened.”

Lord and Savior, I ask for Your guidance and You generously give over and over again. I seek Your wisdom and You do not hold back. I knock and I am not left waiting for You readily open the door for me.

Jesus, You don’t just want me to get by, You want me to be victorious! You don’t want me to settle, You want me to excel! I must be persistent. You will not let me go it alone but I must stay the course if I am to be all that You have called me to be. You have made me to be much more than I am and my persistence will be rewarded!

You deserve every bit of praise, Lord, for bringing me to where I am today. May I continue to press onward and upward. Amen and amen!

Feb 8th, 2018, Thurs, 8:00 pm