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A Mighty Fortress

Thank You, Father, for every aspect of yesterday’s services. Your presence in preparation to the last “Amen” of the last service. I am so grateful that you take the little I have to offer and You choose to use it and adding Yourself into the equation the little is multiplied exponentially All the praise surely goes to You. The old song rings true, “Little Is Much When God Is in It.”

Hebrews 4:15 (<<click here)

Temptation – what an all-inclusive unifier of the entirety of humanity.  Every person to ever walk the face of this earth has had to deal with it – and You, Lord, are no exception. And we all have failed, many times over, to not yield to its many allures – with one great exception, and that is You, Lord – Only You, in Your perfection, had the fortitude to withstand every assault that was leveled upon You.

Jesus I am oh so weak and my propensity to yield to the temptations that come my way is absolutely HUGE! My only hope is found in my relationship with You.

In and of myself I am utterly incapable of success but, praise Your holy name! You understand – You can relate because quite literally, You have walked in our shoes and have been victorious! Today and every day I come to You, I stand with You – for again that is where my strength is. When I keep my eyes on You I can overcome anything that crosses my path.

Martin Luther surely got it right! “A mighty fortress is our God, a bulwark never failing; our help in He, amid the flood of mortal ills prevailing…” Thank You, Lord, for being that “mighty Fortress” for me, I would be lost without You!

Mar 7th, Mon, 5:12 am

A Work in Progress

Father, I am so grateful for Your presence in my life. I am grateful that it is not just some kind of overview kind of thing where You are “up there” watching what I am doing “down here” with an occasional interjection of wisdom or a needed prodding for correction. No, I am grateful that You are by my side through all the everyday ups and downs, goods and bads, laughs and tears. You guide and direct me. You are an ever present help when it comes to temptation. (Psalm 46:1) I cannot even begin to count the number of times a thought has been brought up short because it’s a line of thought that is not beneficial to my walk with You. Or my eyes catch a glimpse of something and then they are quickly averted for it is something on which I do not need to linger. Father, You know me well and know that I am far from perfect but I am so much better off with You by my side – thank You. I realize I am a work in progress but thanks to Your love and interaction, I am not the man I once was – praise Your holy name! I will always need You. I absolutely cannot go it without You.

A song from many years ago came to me and though I am 53 (yikes!), I am still Your child. And only You know the things we are yet to do – together!

I AM A PROMISE by William and Gloria Gaither ©1973

I am a promise, I am a possibility
I am a promise, with a capital “P”
I am a great big bundle of potentiality

And I am learning to hear God’s voices
And I am trying to make the right choice
I am a promise to be anything God wants me to be.

Feb 18th, Thurs, 7:02 am

Who Am I to Judge?

Yesterday, Father, I was reminded of Your grace. I saw a friend who because of very poor judgement and then yielding to temptation met with some life changing consequences. Another friend was astonished that they would show their face again. Although what they did was wrong and they were judged fairly, all I could feel for the individual was compassion. Who am I to judge? I have not yielded to similar temptations but I have, throughout my lifetime, yielded to many sordid ones of my own.

I know my friend strives to follow You and I get the impression that it’s somewhat new for them. If You – the ultimate Judge – have forgiven them, why shouldn’t I? Not one of us is any better. Every one of us has done things to separate ourselves from You. And no one is exempt from Your mercy and forgiveness.

Lord, I pray for my friend and myself. May we remain strong in You this day and in the days to come. May we be able to cast off that which so “easily entangles.” (Hebrews 12:1) and cling to You, our Savior and Friend. Thank You, Lord, for Your love. Thank You for Your grace. Amen.

Jan 28th, Thurs, 6:37 am

Magnifying the Negative

I am determined to persevere!  Each and every day sin is out there to tangle us up to try to wrap around enough to make me stumble or fall. Lord, I am here with You to build up my strength and stamina to be able to better focus on You(!) So I can resist temptation and be victorious!  I know that the Adversary wants me to fail, but You are mightier than he and remaining in You, trusting in You, will surely result in his defeat in my life.

Ephesians 5:15-20

Lord, fill me with Your Holy Spirit!  It’s so easy to be negative about multiple areas in my life – it is the norm in the world in which I live. Complaining about work, about other drivers on the highway. Looking down on other people because of the way they dress or do their hair or how they act. It’s bad enough to think such things but way too often I verbalize my thoughts! What good does that do anyone? It just perpetuates the negativity! And becomes a vicious cycle.

I’m a “music” kind of guy, that’s the way You have made me. 🙂 Lord, please bring that out in place of the negativity. When I want to complain, help me to thank You for the never-ending list of blessings in my life!  Help me to praise You for who You are in my life. Help my tongue to bring glory to You and not to magnify the negative!

May 5th, Tues, 6:32 am